Components Of A Business Website (Critical Parts!)

As you begin thinking about, planning, and building your online business website, there are a handful of components that you'll need to keep in mind that you'll need to make sure to include in your website.

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First, and most importantly, you're going to need a product or service to sell. Now maybe you've already developed your products and services or maybe you already have some ideas in mind.

I'd say that whatever it is that you're selling is the most critical component to your online business website because, after all, this is why visitors are coming to your website, right?

Now, you and I could have a 2-3 hour long conversation about developing your offers, putting together really great products and services, learning about the exact sorts of things your target audience will break your door down to get...but all that stuff's beyond the scope of this short video.

Learn how to build your small business website!

Here, it's just about your business website's components. But check out some of my other content if you'd like to know more about this kinda stuff.

Okay, so you have a product or service you'd like to sell. Great. The next thing you're going to need is the basic foundational components for your website -- that is, a domain name, web hosting, and email.

If you're in a pinch, you can register your domain name, set up hosting, and set up your website's email all with the same service provider online...but I strongly suggest you keep these three components with separate vendors.

This will give you the most control over your online business and it'll save you hassles and headaches down the road. I've done tons of research on this, so if you'd like some web host and service vendor recommendations, check out the Show Notes below, where I'll leave you some links.

Finally, the last component you'll need for your online business website is what's called a Payment Gateway. This is the method that you'll accept payments from your customers on your website.

Now, there are lots and lots of different options to choose from, including what's called "hosted payment gateways" and "self-hosted payment gateways."

The good news here is that while this part might seem's actually fairly straightforward to set up and doesn't cost very much. Again, I'll leave some links to some recommendations in the Show Notes below.

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