Choosing A Career Based On Money Or Passion (Chase Money vs Do What You Love)

If you want, you can play games that have a very high probability for making you lots of money doing work that you don't enjoy at all. That's fine.

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But if you despise the game you choose to play for the majority of your adult life in exchange for all that money, then you'll be no more fulfilled than someone condemned to a life of poverty. The world is filled with people who have more than enough money, who are absolutely miserable.

Instead, the key word here is "fulfillment." yes, money's important. Yes we need it to survive, thrive, and even to have fun and adventure...but it isn't everything and it certainly isn't a cure-all.

You know what money does? All money can do is solve money-related problems. That's it. Sure it's important to solve money problems...but money can't fix your family problems or give you genuine friendships or give you lasting happiness. All those things have to come from somewhere else.

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So rather than chasing money, why not play games that have a high probability for personal fulfilment? See, this is the opportunity that the internet and online business gives us. We can do work that we enjoy, serving the sorts of people we want to help, and we can make a really great living at it too.

I can't imagine a better opportunity! What a blessing that we were both born when we were, with the opportunities we have, with all this cheap and readily available technology. So we don't have to play zero-sum status games. Instead, we can play positive-sum games where everyone wins!

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