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I'll tell you, years ago I remember feeling stuck. I'd worked very hard on my website and products. It took a TON of effort to get things "just right." So why was I frustrated? Because of what happened next...

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It was gut-wrenching. But you know what I learned? I learned that you can have a great website and the best products in the world...but if nobody knows you exist...


Learn how to build your small business website!

That's why drawing traffic to your website is SO important. And really, there's just 2 ways to get traffic: You can pay for it, or you can attract it for free.

Paid traffic usually means buying ads from Facebook or Google. And the problem with this approach is that it's expensive and often ineffective. And as soon as you stop paying, your traffic stops instantly.

The other option is to attract traffic for free. This is about discovering what people are already searching for. And then giving it to them. Here, the traffic never stops flowing...cuz you're giving people EXACTLY what they want!

In other words: they search, you show up, they click!

It's this second method that's often best for online business owners...because the cost is essentially zero for you! And really, it's all about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Here, it's not just about publishing helpful content...but it's about publishing helpful content that you've carefully and intentionally structured and put together to target specific search phrases and keywords.

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