Characteristics Of Entrepreneurs – 3 Secret Traits Of Successful Business Owners

What are the key characteristcs of entrepreneurs and successful business owners? That's a great question because you and I see plenty of businesses and entrepreneurs doing very well...while others struggle.

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So what's the difference? What are the characteristics of entrepreneurs who are successful versus those who aren't? Well this is exactly what you and I are gonna dig into here.

In short, I've identified two kinds of what you and I would call "confidence" 1) Jackass confidence, and 2) Real, genuine, honest confidence.

If you want to know more about these two, check out some of my other posts that go into more detail on this.

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But in short, it's the second kind of confidence that we're after. That is, real, honest confidence that comes from within, not from other people or their reaction to us.

If you don't have confidence and want it, it can be difficult to obtain. Confidence naturally occurs most often in people over 40 or in those who have experienced some kind of traumatic event.

If you're under 40 and have never experienced trauma, gaining confidence can feel elusive. My best suggestion is to find some uninterrupted time and figure yourself out.

This means pen and paper, no internet, and no interruptions. Get it all out and start digging. Start by asking yourself where your lack of confidence comes from.

Your upbringing? Your family? Somewhere else? Get out the shovel and start digging deep.

In order to do whatever it is that you want to do, you'll need confidence. Especially during hard times.

Confidence is that motivating force that reassures you that you have what it takes to do what you want to do. Confidence is simply the belief that you can do it.

Your skill stack is your unique set of skills, abilities, talents, and preferences. I've posted about this before, so again, if you're interested, check out some of my other posts.

In short though, many times you'll hear advice about being a jack of all trades or specializing in just one thing. To me though, it's more nuanced than that.

You don't have to be the greatest in the world at any one thing. Instead, becoming "good enough" at a set of complimentary skills is often all that's needed.

If you loved to play the cello, knew how to edit video, and could run email campaigns, could you turn that into a stream of income?

If you love exotic animals, enjoy photography, and like the fast pace of social media, what could you do with that?

Often, you can pull together otherwise unrelated skills and interests, learn a few new ones, and assemble them all together into something that's completely unique to you...and valuable to others.

I'm astonished that more people haven't clued into just how powerful the internet is. Never before have we had the ability to directly connect with people who are interested in the same things we are.

Most people go, "Yeah, yeah...the internet. I get it!"

Really? Then why do you work at a job you dislike? Why are you giving the majority of your time to meaningless work?

Why haven't you developed your skill stack, gained some confidence, and gone after what's most important to you?

The internet gives us all the ability to do this!

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