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Category: WordPress

Which One, Dreamweaver Or WordPress?

Often, I get asked which approach people should take, Dreamweaver or WordPress. That's a really good question, especially for someone just starting out, who's not sure which way to go. (more…)

Dreamweaver vs WordPress: Which One’s Best For You?

If you're not sure if you should be using Dreamweaver or WordPress to build your business website, then you're definitely in the right spot! Here, you'll get an objective and very thorough comparison to help you decide which web design tool you should use -- Dreamweaver or WordPress. Admittedly, these two tools are difficult to put side by side because they're so different. But here, we'll compare their functionality, how they work, how easy they are to use, and costs. I'm looking forward to combing through all the details with you, so let's get going! (more…)

5 Reasons To Drop Dreamweaver And Use WordPress For Small Business

If you're a Dreamweaver user, then this could be just the post for you. No doubt you've heard of WordPress, but maybe the idea of learning a new piece of web design software isn't appealing to you at all -- and I totally understand that! After all, everything's working just fine in Dreamweaver, right? Maybe for now, but truthfully, at some point you'll hit it's limitations. And for online business owners and ecommerce website owners, that limit hits hard 'n fast! So in this post, I'll lay out my five reasons (plus a bonus reason) for ditching Dreamweaver and going with WordPress to build your online business. This one's a dozy, so let's get started! (more…)