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Category: Mindset

The timing couldn’t be better…

Do you know about the ebook I released recently?

It's called Online Business Building Blocks. And the timing couldn't be better.

In these challenging and uncertain times... me at least...a lot of things have been thrown into question.

In an email I sent out earlier this week, I talked about how this worldwide crisis is really pushing us forward into the future -- motivating us to use the internet for what it was intended for.

No, not cat memes!

...for Connection!

It's Mayberry, but online (if you'll recall from that earlier email)

I delve further into this in your Online Business Building Blocks ebook, but here's the gist: You (yes, YOU!) are connected to a global peer-to-peer network. Here, you can connect with likeminded people and they can connect to you.

It sounds almost trite though, doesn't it?

That's because we take it for granted. At least maybe up until recently. These days, the internet is our family, friends, and to the things we care about most.

But there's more...

Leveraging this peer-to-peer network, you can build a small business around work you enjoy...and people who care can connect to you.

In fact, that's EXACTLY what I'm doing with you here...right this very email!

It's GREAT to connect with you!

But let me tell you what happened...

A while back, a lot of my students started asking, "Geoff, you've helped me build my website, and it's great...but now what? How do I attract customers online? How do I know what they'll want? How can I use all this to replace my income?"

This all came to a head late last year when one of my students asked me directly, "Geoff, show me behind the Ten Ton curtain. Show me the inner workings of your online business. How do you do what you do? ...And how can I replicate that for myself?"

I realized that while getting your website online is crazy-important...that really, it's just one piece of a MUCH bigger puzzle.

And so, I decided to throw back the curtain and show what goes on inside Ten I arrived at what I do...and specifically, HOW I do it.

But this was a real challenge...

...because I had to communicate it in a simple, clear way...and in a format that allowed you to put things together in a way that worked for you...

...just like...Building Blocks!

The result?

Of course, your Online Business Building Blocks ebook.

The entire purpose of this book is to declutter and simplify all the various components of running a successful online business. And further, to provide recommendations to powerful tools, resources, and services to help you with your website, marketing campaigns, and more.

But wait.

You might be thinking, "If this is such great information, why not just give it all away for free?"

In other words, with the world in the state that it's in...with everything in such a mess...why not give it away and help as many people as possible?

That's a great question. Because yeah, Online Business Building Blocks does have a price tag (but I think you'll be surprised at how low it is).

Later this week, I'll tell you exactly why this detailed information can't be given away for free...but why it can be given away for such low cost.

I'll talk to you then.

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