Careful Who You Take Advice From (Beware Fake Gurus)

You know what's funny? A lot of people think they know what it takes to build a successful business...but it's always kinda vague, lacking in specifics, and comes without a whole lot of detail.

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This "expertise" might come from friends or family members or co-workers...but sometimes it even comes from quote-unquote business experts! At different events, if the mood strikes and the "expert" maybe rubs me the wrong way a bit, I might press them for specifics, just to see what they'll say.

In fact, a while ago I met with one such local business expert...someone who taught new entrepreneurs over a period of a few months how to build their business...and they mentioned that they're only operating at about half capacity.

I asked, "So how do you attract new customers -- new entrepreneurs -- to take your class?" Their response was something along the lines of, "Well that's something I'm still working on."

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Imagine, a "business expert" who doesn't know how to grow their business. Sorta like a "life coach" who's living with their parents, paycheck to paycheck.

So while everyone THINKS they know how to do well in business, sit them down and push them for answers...and you'll likely get something very vague at first...

"You've gotta be on social media. That's where all the action is!"

But it's like, okay, so I opened Twitter and Instagram accounts...but I'm not successful yet!

Other times when pushed for specifics, the conversation turns to what sound like near-conspiracy theory...

"You need big money. That's how all these big corporations are doing it. They put huge money behind their products, and the mindless masses just buy into it."

But there's no grand conspiracy. There are plenty of examples of companies putting huge money behind a product, and it flops. It has more to do with market needs than "forcing" a product to be successful.

Just be careful who you take business advice from. I saw a great quote the other day that went something like, "don't take directions from someone who's never been where you want to go"

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