Business Obstacles – Knock Down This BIG ONE & Snag Success!

Business obstacles certainly crop up and get in our way, don't they? And, there's one big, hairy barrier that really stops us in our tracks. But, if we can knock it down, suddenly everything starts flowing for us. Let's dig in and see what this is all about...

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Alright now, what would you say is the biggest obstacle in building the business and the lifestyle you want?

Maybe you need to learn certain skills or develop your ideas further. Maybe that's it? But with enough time, these challenges and problems can be solved.

Instead, I'd argue that the biggest obstacle in business (and in life) are often NOT things external to ourselves...but rather, our biggest obstacle IS ourselves.

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What do I mean by this?

Very often in business (and in life) we use our own opinions to guide our decisions.

For example, We THINK a certain kind of product will sell well, and that EVERYONE should want it. And when we finally launch it to the market...Crickets.

It's a flop. Why? Because what we thought the market wanted, well it turns out that the market didn't want that at all...and instead wanted something entirely different.

And because our customers get to decide what they spend their money on, when we offer something that they aren't interested in, we're met with...Crickets.

A smart, savvy business owner and marketer is one who's learned to put their own opinions, biases, and assumptions to the side...and hey, we all have them!...and instead they rely on data.

What kind of data? Well, like a scientist, or a researcher, or a detective, they've gone out into the market and listened to what people really, truly want.

A smart business owner listens to and then gives the market what the market is clearly demonstrating it wants.

I'll tell you, one of the hardest things to do as creators and business owners is to get ourselves out of our own way...set our opinions to the side...and follow what the market is telling us it wants.

See, when the market responds with silence to our offers (crickets), this is the market saying, "No, I don't want that."

But if you can listen, observe, and -- oh my gosh -- actually TALK to customers (what a concept!) then we can get closer to a point where the market starts screaming at us...

"Shut up and take my money!"

So as business owners, our greatest obstacle is very often the person in the mirror. This is why I say the journey of entrepreneurship really isn't about money or success as it's traditionally defined.

Instead, entrepreneurship is very often more about self-actualization.

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