Business & Marketing Kryptonite (Avoid At ALL COSTS!)

Know what's kryptonite for business owners? Insincerity. Dishonesty. Deceitfulness...this kinda stuff. And here's why: The most important thing your audience and your potential customers need before they can buy from you is just a single word...

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Trust! They have to trust you.

They have to trust that the product or service you're offering will ACTUALLY do what you say it'll do. Your potential customers don't have to like you...They don't have to even relate to order to buy from you.

These sorts of things are very nice to establish and they do go a long, long way...but they're sort of the "sugar on top." What's absolutely needed -- consider it a REQUIREMENT before a customer will buy -- is Trust.

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If we truly believe that a product or service will fix our painful problem, we don't have to like the person to buy from them (although we'd all prefer to buy from someone we like)...

...and we don't even have to relate to them if we truly believe we've found a fix to our problem. But if there's no trust? If we don't believe the person who's making us the offer...if there's even a slight whiff of insincerity...we won't buy.

And people aren't stupid. People pick up on insincerity pretty quickly. In fact, you can even assume that people are operating from a mode of "I don't believe you" And so you have to establish credibility, trust, and demonstrate the value of your offer first. And that often takes time.

And you know what? We all despise insincerity because we assume it's being used to conceal ulterior motives. If we detect that a business, marketer, or salesperson is being insincere about this one thing over here...then what else are they hiding from us? What else do they not want us to know?

Remember that everything is either good persuasion or bad persuasion...we're either making our potential customers and our audience feel good and positive and comfortable...or we're making them feel negative and uncomfortable.

Any sort of insincerity, dishonesty and deceitfulness is very strong negative persuasion...which is why so many dirtbags have a very hard time keeping happy customers.

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