Business Is Evolutionary (Growth And Change)

A big mental shift takes place when we realize that the world is not static, that the world of business isn't rigid and fixed...but instead that there's more opportunity, more ideas, more ways to build a business for yourself than ever before.

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The key to unlocking all this is to realize that like biology, business is evolutionary. Business and the market you want to serve isn't fixed or static. Instead, it's ever-changing, growing and developing. Here's a crude example (and I hope you'll forgive me):

What did humans do before indoor plumbing? Outhouses, right? ...but I mean even before, way, way back. Well, if you go back far enough, we did what animals do -- find a spot and let 'er rip, right? But this presents some problems: The smell isn't pleasant, it attracts animals, and so on.

So, some caveman dude or dudette came up with the idea to dig a hole in the ground first, and then bury the evidence. What a great innovation...but this presented another problem: You need a tool of some kind to dig a hole first.

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So some other caveman dude or dudette came up with a solution to bind a sharp rock to a stick -- and voila, the world's first shovel. Great. And this worked for a long time until humans began building and developing more complex living structures -- permanent settlements.

And rather than having to go dig a hole every day, someone figured out that having some kind of a semi-permanent hole would be much more convenient. Great! And hey, lets build a bench over this pre-dug hole and maybe attach a magazine rack to the side -- now we're really talking!

But wait...what if it's raining out or really windy? So some other dude came up with the idea to enclose the pre-dug hole and bench with walls and a roof -- wonderful, an outhouse! Great! But these innovations bring other problems:

It's cold outside sometimes, and using it at night in the dead of winter isn't fun. Still, this is how things were for a long, long time. That is, until people came up with better, more comfortable solutions to overcome these issues. And that was...

...the invention of indoor plumbing. What a breakthrough! Now, people could be warm and comfortable and even hide away from the kids for a break. Plus, it opened a whole new market in the home decor business! Haha!

Yet, as with every other iteration and innovation, the solution called "indoor plumbing" created a whole host of new problems: Piping, maintenance, better and more efficient fixtures, specialty skills and tools that are always improving, and on and on.

The point of all this is -- and this is just a fun example to illustrate a point -- the point is, nothing stands still. Nothing's static. People are always working hard to develop better ways of doing things. People are always innovating and coming up with solutions to what seems like very difficult problems.

That's one thing humans do best -- we problem-solve. But why is this important? As an online business owner, why should you care? It's important because we don't need to come up with the next pet rock or hoola hoop or other "magical big idea" that's never been done before.

Coming up with an original business idea is a myth. Instead, we simply need look at the current state of things in the market that we want to serve, and find out what's causing people pain, discomfort, problems, and so on. Listen to what people complain about, and you'll be on to something.

"Indoor plumbing's great, but...," "Cutting out carbs is really great, but...," "The idea of being my own boss is great, but..."

So we don't need to come up with some amazing, never been done before "magical big idea." Instead, we can simply solve problems that people are willing to pay us to solve. That's really all there is to it.

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