Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

A concise ebook that shows you the steps to building successful online business doing work that matters.

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Running Your Own Business Means Freedom...
So Why Is It All So Confusing And Overwhelming?

It's totally frustrating, isn't it?

Everywhere you look, it seems business is made out to be confusing and mysterious.

But at the same time, imagine being your own boss, doing meaningful work, and being in complete control of your time -- highly motivating stuff, right?

You know, it feels like the people who are successful in business have some kind of "secret knowledge," or "insider info." And the rest of us are left in the dark. It's like, the info we need most (that would set us free) is being kept hidden from us.

And meanwhile, you're left stuck. Maybe stuck in a boring, unfulfilling job. Stuck with a brain-dead boss and zombie co-workers. Stuck in a place you know you don't belong.

You're left to the day to day the confusion of business info-overload. Left knowing that starting your own business could set you free...but lost in a sea of information to make sense of.

And there's no shortage of business information! According to Publishers Weekly, 16,604 business books are published per year -- and that was back in 2014! This doesn't include self-published books either (not to mention blogs, videos, courses, workshops, and so on).

No doubt they're churning out even more content today...

You'd think that with so much info available, there'd be a lot more successful businesses.

But there isn't...


Tell me, when was the last time you read a business book or watched a YouTube video and had a big "a-ha!" moment? While you may have picked up a few breadcrumbs and tidbits, when was the last time you walked away going, "I've got it! I clearly and completely understand how I'll build and market my business"?

Never, right?

You're still digging for answers, aren't you?

What's never laid out plainly and simply is a complete blueprint for business, right?

And meanwhile, the boss is doing his typical "jerk boss" thing, and the zombies are taking credit for all your hard work. Why keep making the boss rich, right?

But your stuck.

And feeling lost sucks.

It's like, you've gotta get outta here; but it's all so nerve-wracking -- the excitement of finally being free and doing work you want to do...but the thought of going out on a limb, taking a big leap...and learning to fly on the way down!

Worse still, with all the business info, it almost feels like you're being mislead, doesn't it? It's as if "more information," the next hot tactic, or that single missing piece is all that's needed to finally set you free. But if all the information, methods, and tactics you've seen and heard about worked...then why are you still searching for answers?

I'm here to tell you that it's not your fault. You simply want to start and run a successful online business. You want to fire your boss and do work that's important to you. But you're being overloaded and lead in twelve different directions at once...on purpose.

Who's causing all the confusion and mess? Who's not providing you with a direct starting point? Who's not giving you clear, solid steps to follow? Who's making business so horrendously difficult and complex?

I call them foo-roos.

That is, fake gurus. Book authors, business coaches, business school professors, tactic-chasing online business "experts"...and anyone else who presents themselves as an authority with "secret insider knowledge."

If these foo-roos really, truly possessed secret keys and "insider knowledge," then why aren't they laying it all out for us and demonstrating their skill? Why can't they break it down simply and clearly? Why does it take 16,604 books a year to explain it all?

If they really were the experts they claimed to be, they should be clarifying, simplifying, and putting minds at ease. They should be providing you with a solid starting point, and a set of clear progressive steps forward.

And, they wouldn't have you chasing short-term tactics.

But what do they do instead?

They confuse, complicate, and create messes and overwhelm. They lead you down "surefire" paths that "guarantee big profits"...that never seem to work out.

You know what's obvious?

That what we don't need is more information.

We don't need more mess to sort through, more clutter, more nonsense. What we need is clarity. What we need is to have the mountain of information vetted, sorted, organized sequentially, and then delivered in a simple, clear way.

What you need is a clear starting point and a set of logical, progressive steps. What's needed is a simple, straightforward plan to escape your soul-crushing workplace, get your business ideas off the ground, and start doing meaningful, fulfilling work.

Is it possible to get all the complexity broken down and organized? Where can you find a solid starting point for your business? And can you discover a set of clear, simple steps to follow to begin building your profitable online business?

Introducing your Online Business Building Blocks ebook...

Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

Ten Simple Steps To Constructing A Profitable, Fulfilling Online Business!

Over the past two decades, I've been building and running online businesses and projects, and helping small business owners just like you. And over the years, I've been able to identify specific components...components that are common to all successful, fulfilling small businesses.

And I've distilled everything I've learned and experienced into ten easy to follow, step-by-step building blocks.

Whether it's an e-commerce website you want to run, a membership program, or some other kind of business, these simple Building Blocks break down and clarify what you'll need to know. You'll get a clear starting point, and a set of sequential steps that build on one another, all leading towards your success!

With these Building Blocks, you can minimize risk and build a plan to escape the confines of the workplace and begin doing purposeful, meaningful work.

Get a sense of certainty about what steps to take. Take big leaps towards the life and business you envision. Develop a plan for doing work that's deeply fulfilling and satisfying!

In this short ebook, you'll...

  • Gain an understanding of current market conditions and how to gather up exactly what you'll need!
  • Determine the exact types of customers you want to serve and what products and services will be most profitable!
  • Learn the best tools and methods for building your home base online!
  • Get big ideas about how to magnetically attract and customers...and have them coming back again and again!
  • Discover how strong guarantees, customer feedback, and a dedication to service creates powerful pathways to big profits!

With modern, easy to use tools, anyone can begin developing their business ideas

Everyone can do fulfilling work that matters to them...they just need to be shown the steps!

Here's how your Online Business Building Blocks have been put together for you...

Clear the clutter and overwhelm with a set of clear, easy to follow Building Blocks!

Laid out in a step-by-step sequential order, these Building Blocks detail everything you'll need to run your successful business!

  • Simplifies the steps and the process of building a successful, profitable online business!
  • Clear up the jumble that's in your head -- eliminate confusion and frustration!
  • Get a clear, logical, well organized process to follow!
  • Perfect no matter what your business background is or what ideas you have in mind!
Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters
Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

Discover what the "Fulfillment Equation" is all about!

This simple formula guides you to figuring out how to uncover worthwhile, fulfilling, and profitable business ideas!

Learn how the "Fulfillment Equation" minimizes risk, sways probability, and really is the key to creating an engaging, worthwhile business that you can happily run for years and years.

This simple formula h elps you hit three targets simultaneously: 1) Work you enjoy, 2) Serving people you like, 3) Support your ideal lifestyle.

Uncover profitable markets and find raving customers who are ready to spend with your own unique and personal "Fulfillment Equation!"

Learn how to uncover profitable ideas and rigorously test them to maximize your success!

Discover why chasing business ideas that haven't proven themselves can send you off a cliff and into ruin. Instead...

  • Learn three killer approaches to finding explosive product and service ideas!
  • See how to sift through the noise to analyze and categorize your audience's needs!
  • Discover four critical idea validation tests -- including one that's practically mandatory!
  • Find out how to rapidly test and prototype your ideas to ensure perfect market fit!
Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters
Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

Get a rundown of all the best tools, builders, services and more!

Never worry or struggle over what tools or services are best to for you use -- all the research and testing has already been done for you!

Here, you'll get key recommendations and suggestions for marketing services, tools, systems, strategies, and other crucial resources to help your business!

Lay down the solid, strong ground work for your fuliflling online business. Get the best, most up to date approaches to building, running, and promoting your business...and have your happy customers coming back for more!

I know what it feels like to be stuck...

About Geoff Blake

Hey, I'm Geoff!

I totally remember being stuck in a meaningless job...knowing I wasn't in the right place. I remember asking myself, "Is this it? Is this all that I'm meant to do?" Like you, I knew I was worth more -- that I was capable of so much more.

But at the same time, it was nerve-wracking. I was stuck in a job that sucked with a jerk boss who I did my best to avoid. I knew starting my own business could get me out of this mess, but it all seemed so complex and overwhelming.

I needed a clear, simple escape plan...

That was over two decades ago. And since then, I've been running my own businesses and projects online and helping other entrepreneurs with their ventures. I'm passionate about teaching and helping folks make big distinctions and breakthroughs. I love helping people launch and market their creative online projects...

...So let's get started on yours!

"I couldn’t wait to get a hold of Geoff's Online Building Blocks ebook. I always get valuable information and wise insights from his lessons that can be applied to other aspects of life.

This short and easy to read ebook contained big confirmations for me about things that before were hazy. My confusion was caused by a lot of different people’s input over the years...resulting in me having analysis paralysis. But Geoff helped put everything into perspective. His logical thinking helped give me confidence to move forward fearlessly when opportunities arise.

Each Building Block contained big eyeopeners for me, but my two favorites were using existing products to help with market research and Geoff's unique take on handling customer objections.

My only wish is that Geoff would do courses on everything I'd like to learn! His teaching style is unlike any other -- highly informative and very entertaining!"

Julian (North Carolina)

"I just gotta say, every time I get near my Online Business Building Blocks ebook though and start reading it's like this amazing breath of fresh air. It really carries with all of Geoff's fun and uniquely animated personality traits that come across in his teaching videos. The ebook's content is excellent, no surprises there! There's so much inside, so much Geoff gives, so glad he put it all into simple steps to follow! Out of the box thinking and awesome! I believe the Online Business Building Blocks ebook will help many, many people!"

Terry (Auckland, New Zealand)

Here's exactly what you'll get with your new ebook

Here's a run-through of all the great things you'll get in your new ebook...

Carefully organized into individual Building Blocks! Thoroughly laid out into sequential steps that build off one another...leaving no stone unturned! Dissolve the clutter and overwhelm. Get a full, clear, and complete understanding of how to build and run your fulfilling online business.

Clear steps and detailed nuts and bolts! No fluff, no assumptions, no repetitive stories or case study after case study. Instead, you'll get clear, to-the-point and actionable how-to information with no steps skipped. Get the fundamentals of online business completely revealed in simple steps!

Get the fundamentals of business and marketing, all in one spot! Learn the easy to understand fundamentals about how business really works -- basic concepts that most busienss newbies miss. Discover what's needed to create a fulfilling, worthwhile business that fits your ideal lifestyle just right.

Uniquely structured to fit your needs! The unique format and structure of this book caters directly to you and your needs, no matter what your business background or where you find yourself. Whether you're experienced at business or brand new, this book's format allows you to jump in at the right spot!

Steer clear of common, avoidable mistakes! Find out about the biggest, most common mistakes, myths, and misconceptions that business newbies and first-time entrepreneurs make. Learn how to avoid putting the cart before the horse and instead take methodical, progressive steps forward.

Uncover simple formulas for making more money! Most people struggle to get their business off the ground with with outdated ideas and rules -- rules that may have worked at one time, but that no longer apply. Unroot these outdated ideas that prevent struggling entrepreneurs from seeing the success they want.

Minimize your risk and maximize your success! Find out how you can minimize the risk to your business and your wallet while learning how to heavily skew the probability of your product and business ideas becoming successful. Why take a risky leap and go out on a limb when you can use hard data as a guide to reach your business goals?

Get the truth about "do what you love!" Learn how "following your bliss" or "doing what you love" is only part of the equation...and discover what the big, missing piece is! Rather than sending your business over a cliff, get the key, critical, additional pieces to build a lasting, fulfilling business for yourself.

Get top service suggestions! Get big recommendations for your business website hosting, your email service, and other critical services for your online success! Whether it's an e-commerce site you have in mind, a membership site, or another online business altogether, it's important to get yourself set up right. Don't spend time trawling for answers when all the research has already been done for you!

Overcome common mental roadblocks! Face and demolish big, scary mental roadblocks -- roadblocks like, "I'm not smart enough," "What if I fail," or "But I'm not an expert!" It's these and other obstacles that most new business owners struggle with. Learn how to dig out the root cause of these and other difficult mental barriers.

Gain a deeper understanding of market changes! Discover how big changes in technology have flattened out many marketplaces, opening up new opportunities for ambitious and business-minded people just like you. Understand how big changes have given Consumers more power and more choice than ever before -- and how you can leverage these changes to create a fulfilling business of your own!

Identify your target market! Master four simple methods for searching out and uncovering your ideal target audience. Discover an audience who you want to serve day in and day out, who's ready and able to buy from you. And, learn methods to keep them happy and coming back for more!

Discover the true role that social media plays in your business! Learn how to avoid the common mistake of misusing popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Avoid costly, potentially disastrous, oversights and misunderstandings that many make with their social media strategies.

Learn the true nature of selling! See why selling doesn't have to feel icky or slimy. Instead, understand the true insider's secret that all successful business owners know...that selling doesn't involve high-pressure or slimy, greasy strategies! Learn how selling isn't something you do, but rather something much deeper that occurs between you and your customers.

Discover why effective market research is crux of your entire business! Learn three powerful, insightful, and effective market research techniques. These methods that give your business the greatest probabilities for success...and most business owners completely ignore them...or don't know about 'em!

Uncover four powerful approaches to idea validation! Get a rigorous set of methods to stress-test your big business ideas. Ensure your ideas are solid and worth developing into full, market-ready products or services...without big upfront expenses. Learn how low-cost product prototyping can save you tons of time and money...and learn one validation test that's so powerful that it's practically mandatory!

Discover the best tools and online business builders! Get the best tools, website builders, and services to get yourself set up right -- the first time! Uncover powerful tools and services that the pros use...that are easy for anyone to master, no matter your experience level.

Learn about nine additional business components that most miss! Super-charge your business with extra add-ons you can develop to practically guarantee your business success. These additions are components that most business owners miss, ignore, or have no idea how to implement.

Master your productivity and output! Learn about extreme productivity methods for keeping on task and on track to reach your business goals. Discover the three greatest time-sinks that every business owner wrestles with...and how to easily defeat them for good. With just a few simple distinctions, you can easily multiply your hours, your output, and your results!

Gain insight on the two primary ways to attract paying customers! Not only will you get a solid understanding of the two approaches to drawing customers to your business, but you'll find out which one best fits you. Learn how to drive a steady stream of traffic to your website and product pages...and find out the best services to use to begin building your loyal, engaged audience of paying customers!

Gain a deeper understanding of customer service! Realize how most businesses get it wrong and discover the true purpose of customer service. Learn how you can leverage your service efforts to deepen your relationship with your customers, provide them with a great experience...and create buyers for life!

Short, concise, easy and fun to read! This book's not a dry, dull textbook or a typical business book that's filled with fluff and filler. Instead, this book's radically practical, hands-on, and direct. Enjoy the casual, non-technical and non-jargonny approach to discovering your business's Building Blocks!

Table Of Contents

Here's what you'll get in your Online Business Building Blocks ebook...

Part One: Your Foundation!

  1. Start Here! (How To Read This Book)
  2. Building Block #1: Your Mindset & Mission
  3. Building Block #2: Gathering What You'll Need
  4. Building Block #3: Determining Who You'll Serve
  5. Building Block #4: Uncovering Big Problems
  6. Building Block #5: Engineering A Solution

Part Two: Your Profitable Business!

  1. Building Block #6: Your Home Base Online
  2. Building Block #7: Attracting Your Audience
  3. Building Block #8: Retention And Conversion
  4. Building Block #9: Additional Ingredients
  5. Building Block #10: A Higher Ideal
  6. Where To Go From Here

"Reading these Online Business Building Blocks is like having a friend right beside you, leading you though the process to building your online business every step of the way. And, the humour makes it a fun, easy read!"

Holger (Germany)

"Never have I come across such a thorough method of teaching. Your courses have helped me tremendously! Thank you!"


"I just had to write to say how thrilled I was with this course. I don’t enjoy learning new technical stuff or having to study. This course made it all SO easy. It was so much fun I can’t believe how quickly I went through them all because I didn’t want to stop learning! Highly recommended!"


What's Unique About Your Online Business Building Blocks eBook?

Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

Imagine having all the "insider knowledge" and mysterious components of business clearly laid out in front of you. How would that feel? What would it be like to have a simple, achievable plan to build the business you envision? How quickly would you jump on everything you now had?

That would be awesome, huh?

Alternatively, rather than taking rapid steps towards your dream business, you could stay stuck. You'd stay where you are. Things will stay the same. And you know what? I've been there and it sucks...going around in circles, following the next hot foo-roo, chasing the next "surefire" tactic.

And you know where that leads...

Grab your business Building Blocks. Use them to construct a plan and a strategy to escape the meaningless grind. Build a business doing fulfilling, satisfying work for raving customers who are happy to buy from you. Get loads of recommendations, resources, and tools along the way to help make your journey smooth sailing.

I can't wait to show you what's in store!

Frequently Asked Questions

Another business book? What makes this book different from all the others?

I agree -- there are far too many business books published each year! And most are filled with fluff, filler, and case study after case study. My objective with this book is to give a broad overview of the main components of business. These components can be applied to any kind of business, whether you're just starting out, or are maybe struggling in your current venture.

With so many online gurus, how can I know you're legit?

Great question! And I totally hear you -- the internet's loaded with fake gurus and scammers. I've been running my own online business, Ten Ton Online, for over ten years...and teaching folks just like you for over two decades. In this time, a lot of strategies and technologies have changed...but the fundamentals of business haven't. So I invite you to take a look at the material I've developed for small business owners and see if it's a good fit for you.

How is this book structured? How does it work?

This book is organized into ten chapters. Each chapter covers a specific business Building Block. Further, although this book is linear in layout, these Building Blocks have been carefully structured into a circular format. This means that each Building Block serves as a potential starting point for you.

If you’re brand new to business or maybe struggling and having a hard time with your existing venture, start at the very beginning with Building Block #1. If you’re a little more experienced and maybe more established in your business, start on the Building Block that interests you most.

No matter where you start, continue through sequentially from one Building Block to the next, to the end of the book. Then, circle back around to the beginning and continue forward to complete your loop.

By the end of this book, will I have a profitable online business?

By the end of this book, you'll have a clear understanding of the various components that go into building a successful online business. You'll have the overwhelm and clutter that comes with business completely clarified and simplified.

What about traditional brick-and-mortar businesses -- do the Building Blocks covered in this book only work for online businesses?

Although these Building Blocks are intended for online small businesses, they can certainly be adopted for more traditional style businesses too.

Will this book teach me how to run paid ad campaigns, SEO tactics, how to build a website, or advanced email strategies?

The purpose of this book is to declutter and simplify all the various components of running a successful online business. Additionally, you'll be given recommendations to powerful tools, resources, and services to help you with your website, marketing campaigns, and more.

What format is this book in? Can I read it on my tablet, Kindle, or Kobo?

Currently, this book is available in PDF format and in MP3 as an audiobook. So if your device has a way to open PDFs or MP3's (nearly all do) then you'll be just fine. For PDFs, you can download and install the free Adobe Reader. Web browsers can even open PDFs, too.

I don't like reading books on my computer or tablet. Can I print this book?

Yes, this ebook is printable! The entire book has been neatly laid out into an 8.5x11 format. This makes it easy and convenient to print. Extra margin space has been provided to accommodate three-hole punching or bound using other methods. Plus, this extra margin space provides some room for your hand-written notes, too!

Is this book any good if I have an existing business?

Absolutely. The unique structure of this book caters to you. So no matter what your business background, whether you're experienced or brand new, this book will help you take the next big steps forward.

What if I have no business ideas? Will this book help me?

Yes, absolutely. This book lays out the simple process for you to not only uncover the best business ideas, but also to stress test and validate them as well. The approaches you'll discover for finding and vetting ideas gives you the highest probability for business success.

How long is this book?

This book is approximately 150 pages. The intention with this book is to provide you with concise information while not skimping on important details.

Is this ebook available as an audio book?

Yes! If you'd like to know more about the Online Business Building Blocks audiobook, click here

How long is the Online Business Building Blocks audiobook?

The total length for the Online Business Building Blocks audiobook is 4 hours, 37 minutes.

What format is the Online Business Building Blocks audiobook in?

The Online Business Building Blocks audiobook is in MP3 format (downloaded in a compressed zip file). This makes it easy and convenient for you to listen to your audio book on any device you'd like -- iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, and so on.

Do I need to know anything about business or marketing before reading this book? What are the pre-requisites?

There are no pre-requisites to reading this book...other than a burning desire to fire your boss and start your own business!

What if I don't like this book? What's your refund policy?

To review our refund policy, please click here for details.

How much does this book cost? How do I buy it?

Pricing options for this book can be found right here.

I want you to be nothing less than thrilled with your new ebook! Yet sometimes things just aren't a good fit. That's why your ebook is backed by Ten Ton's "Spaghetti Salad-Proof" Guarantee!

Here's what that means: If, after delving into your book, if everything’s still a "Spaghetti Salad" in your head...if you don't like how your book is clearly structured and laid out...or if it just isn't working out...

Get a full, prompt reimbursement on your investment within 60 hassles!

Because I wouldn't want you stuck with in a book that isn't a good fit.
I hope that sounds awesome!

Ten Ton Heavy-Weight Guarantee!

Get super-charged with The Stuff Of Life mini-book!

The Stuff Of Life: Malleable Resources, Fixed Forces, And Leverageable Components

Wouldn't things be easier if life were simple and orderly?! Instead though, life is complex, messy, confusing, and hard to figure out.

But in your Stuff Of Life bonus mini-book, we'll attempt to get some perspective and structure. Here, we'll sort things out so that you'll know what areas you may be missing and other areas that you've got a lock on.

In your Stuff Of Life mini-book, you'll get...

  • A set of ten of life's most critical ingredients and components!
  • A clear understanding of what areas of life are under your direct control...and outside forces that you can influence!
  • A direct sense of what areas of life you may need to balance more!
  • ...and much more!

Super-charge your business with the Online Business Building Blocks audiobook!

Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

Learning new stuff -- espeically something as complex and intricate as business -- while you're on the go can be tough. Commuting, hitting the gym, on the evenings and can be hard to find time to fit it all in.

That's why I put together your special Online Business Building Blocks audiobook! Narrated by the author (yours truly!) you'll get your Business Building blocks delivered in a much more direct personal format. It's like we'll be sitting down side by side together!

Downloadable in MP3 format, you can listen to your audiobook on your iPhone, Android phone, or any other tablet, MP3 player, computer or other device that you like.

In your Online Business Building Blocks audiobook, you'll get...

  • Inflection, tonality, and a more direct connection with your author!
  • Get your business started while on the move -- at the gym, walking the dog, or while commuting!
  • 10+ MP3 files that you can download and listen to on any device!
  • Additional content and further insights not included in the PDF ebook!
  • ...and much more!

"Limited Time Only" Premium Bonus!

The Fulfillment Equation In Action

For a limited time, get an additional premium report -- The Fulfillment Equation In Action report! This report is filled with examples taken directly with conversations between myself and Ten Ton students to further illustrate the concepts detailed in your Online Business Building Blocks ebook.

Here, you'll get direct excerpts from these conversations, formatted into an easy to understand guide. You'll be taken step-by-step through the thinking and the processes of uncovering profitable business ideas!

In The Fulfillment Equation In Action report, you'll get...

  • An inside, intimate look at direct coversations with Ten Ton students!
  • A tactile understanding of how the concepts in Online Business Building Blocks fit together!
  • Tangible, real-world examples of the Building Blocks and the Fulfillment Equation in action!
  • A clear idea about how you can begin applying it all to your online business!
  • ...and much more!

Ready to get started?

Choose the option that fits you best!

Option 1

Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

Online Business Building Blocks PDF ebook!

A great starting point!

Just right if you're new to business, or want to take the next big steps forward.

A great fit for those who want to learn how they can be their own boss and work for themselves.

  • Clearly laid out Building Blocks!
  • Learn modern methods and strategies!
  • No fluff, clutter, or nonsense!

Option 2

Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

Online Business Building Blocks PDF ebook
+ The Stuff Of Life!

Packed with extra value!

Just right if you're new to business, or want to take the next big steps forward.

A great fit for those who want to learn how they can be their own boss and work for themselves.

Ten fixed forces, resources, and leverageable components to life!

  • Clearly laid out Building Blocks!
  • Learn modern methods and strategies!
  • No fluff, clutter, or nonsense!
  • A more personal, direct approach to deepening your skills and knowledge!

Over $50 in value!


Option 1

Online Business Building Blocks: Ten Steps To Building A Fulfilling Online Business Doing Work That Matters

Online Business Building Blocks PDF ebook!

A great starting point!

Just right if you're new to business, or want to take the next big steps forward.

A great fit for those who want to learn how they can be their own boss and work for themselves.

  • Clearly laid out Building Blocks!
  • Learn modern methods and strategies!
  • No fluff, clutter, or nonsense!


Option 2

Online Business Building Blocks + The Stuff Of Life + The Fulfillment Equation In Action + Online Business Building Blocks audiobook!

Online Business Building Block
+ The Stuff Of Life
+ The Fulfillment Equation In Action
+ Online Business Building Blocks audiobook

Packed with extra value!

Just right if you're new to business, or want to take the next big steps forward.

A great fit for those who want to learn how they can be their own boss and work for themselves.

Ten fixed forces, resources, and leverageable components to life!

Get the fulfillment equation applied to real-world examples!

Take your Online Business Blocks on the go!

  • Clearly laid out Building Blocks!
  • Learn modern methods and strategies!
  • No fluff, clutter, or nonsense!
  • A more personal, direct approach to deepening your skills and knowledge!
  • Get clear on life's most important factors!
  • Get direct, real-world examples of how to develop your business ideas!

Over $100 in value!


"Geoff’s expert teaching has guided me through the journey of learning web design. I started out as a complete beginner, but with Geoff’s excellent training, I graduated at the top of my 3-year college program in just 2 years, which I could not have done otherwise (in fact, his training was to a much higher standard than my school’s). Now after learning so much with Geoff, I’ve gained a full time job as a web designer. Geoff helped get me that break, which I’m sure without his help simply wouldn’t have happened."


"Finally, training that delivers! I have taken courses from numerous vendors, but absolutely none of them begin to compare with this course. I’ve taken a ton of courses from and frankly came away with more theory than practical application. But not with this course, you will get your hands dirty with code, you will be challenged to think through issues on your own but in the end you will have taken a giant step forward in learning to build a WordPress theme from scratch! Geoff is an outstanding instructor, I think I laughed almost as much as I learned. If you’re serious about improving your skills with WordPress then sign up for this course, lock yourself in your office and get to work. I promise it will be worth it! By the way I’ve been so impressed with Geoff as an instructor that this is the third course I’ve taken from him and will soon be starting on my fourth!"


"I like the easy going, friendly style of these courses. Keeps my attention and I can listen to your voice for hours without drifting! I tried a couple of Lynda courses previously, but found I lost interest quickly. Much better courses on Ten Ton Online!"


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