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Here's a critical aspect of email marketing that not a whole lot of people talk about: Keeping your list clean. What does this mean? It means removing inactive subscribers from your list -- that is, people who've stopped opening your emails, clicking on your links, or any addresses where your email messages bounce back.

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The reality is, a portion of your email list will become inactive. That's just part of the game. So what you want to do as an online business owner and online marketer is, you want to clear out those inactive users.

A lot of business owners and marketers are totally repulsed by the thought...but think about it: These subscribers have gone dark. They haven't been active in months and months. Maybe they stopped using this email address.

Maybe they're no longer interested in your online business and the work that you do...for whatever reason, they've gone cold. And it's important to remove any subscribers who've gone dark. Why? Well, for a few reasons. First, every subscriber costs you money. Not much, but it adds up.

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If you regularly scrub your list of inactive users, you can help keep your costs low. Second, inactive subscribers negatively impact your open rates and CTR rates. In your email service dashboard -- I strongly recommend Active below this video if you don't mind using it...thanks!...

...In your email dashboard you'll see the open rates and click-through-rates for each email you send. And if you have lots of inactive users on your list, they'll drag down your open and click-thru rates. Once you scrub your list, you'll see these two numbers go up, guaranteed.

Finally, a third reason to keep your list clean -- and maybe most importantly here -- is that inactive subscribers can actually have an impact on the overall deliverability of your emails.

If too many of your emails are getting routed to subscriber's spam folder for example, this can have a big impact on the overall deliverability of your email campaigns. So what I would suggest you do is, every 90 days, scrub your list.

Clean out any inactive subscribers who haven't opened an email from you in the past 3 months. I know it makes you feel queezy in your stomach but honestly...they haven't opened an email from you in 3 months! Are they dead? -- who knows! Clean 'em out!

What you do here is you send any inactive subscribers an email that says something like, "Sorry to see you go." And then tell them why they're being removed from your list and that you hope to see them back again soon...with a "subscribe" link -- something like that.

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