Build Your Audience With Content Marketing

If you're using a content marketing approach to attract eyeballs to your audience, then really, it's all about that early push, a huge, early, and consistent concentrated effort to build your initial audience.

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The kind of content you create for your audience is entirely up to you. You could start a podcast, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a blog, provide tutorials, slides, essays...or really, whatever you like.

The format has to parallel how your audience likes to consume content (audio, video, or written), but what matters most of all is that your content is valuable.

By that I mean, it has to help get your audience closer to the ultimate result they want. And the only way to know what they really, truly want, is to understand your audience's needs, pains, and problems on a deep level.

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This means that creating a post titled "I Replaced My Shower Head" is really quite useless. When social media was very young, I'd see all sorts of posts like this, "What I Ordered At Applebees!" or "My Trader Joe's Haul."

Who cares? There's no clear benefit this post provides to me or anyone else -- which is one of the big reasons I dumped FaceBook years and years ago, by the way. Nonsense posts don't help anyone.

Yet, a post called "Replace Your Shower Head In 90 Seconds Or Less" -- now we're talking! If I needed to replace my shower head, this would be of great interest to me.

Or maybe something like "Best Keto-Friendly Applebees Menu Items" or "Trader Joes Shopping List For Long Distance Runners"...okay now we're on to something! These headlines offer a clear benefit.

The trick is to make it about the viewer, not you. As people go through their day, when they encounter something new, the first question is "What is this?" and the second question is either "Why should I care" and "What's in it for me."

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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