Build An Audience For Your Business (BIG Ideas!)

Building an audience online is easy for someone who already has an audience off-line. Here I'm thinking of book authors or TV personalties or musicians or other entertainers.

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They already have a core audience moving that audience online -- or said a better way, connecting with that same core off-line audience online is easy. Fans who are offline begin following people they like online and -- BAM! -- instant online audience, right?

But for us small business owners, it's not as easy. For us, we have to build our online audience from complete scratch. We can't bring any offline fans to our online audience because, for most of us, we have no offline audience either!

The really great news is building an audience of loyal fans who love your work can be done...and it can be done by anyone with an internet connection. Suddenly, cost isn't a barrier, needing a gatekeeper's permission isn't a barrier, and trying to hit the mainstream no longer matters.

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Building an audience around the work we do and the products and services we offer can be done by anyone. And, it can be done organically and very cheaply. In most cases, it doesn't take much money at all.

In fact, very often it can be done at practically zero cost. The real expense in building an online audience organically is time and consistency. Realistically, it may take a few years to build your audience...but again, it can be done.

Just think about how hard it was to build an audience before the internet came along. If you're old enough to remember, then you know how hard it was.

In all but a few rare cases, you needed a big budget for advertising, marketing, or direct mail campaigns. Or you needed the backing of a gatekeeper like a publisher, or someone who owned a distribution network.

But then the internet happened. It's killed, or is in the process of killing, all the gatekeepers. And as far as distribution networks go -- networks that connect sellers and buyers -- that's exactly what the internet's a distribution network.

I've heard this landscape referred to as a "direct fan environment." That is, creators -- including small business owners, artists of all kinds, and other creators can connect directly with their middle men required.

And this is an amazing opportunity because it means that as creators, we don't have to compromise our values or our artistic vision. We can do work that's fulfilling and exciting, and we can serve the exact kinds of people we want to work with directly.

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