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Finding The Best Email Service For Your Business

Business Email Without Hosting – Top Providers!

Often, businesses need email without web hosting. In fact, in a previous tutorial, we talked about why using the free email service that comes with your web hosting can lead to unnecessary headaches for you and your small business. Or, you might be in a situation where you've signed up with web hosting that doesn't offer email service at all (as is the case with hosts like WP Engine). Either way, in this tutorial, we'll take a look at a few of the best business-grade, dedicated email services to handle your website's communication. Remember, we always want to keep our business's essential web services separate from one another. (more…)

Five Steps To Set Up Your Online Business Website

Steps To Set Up A Business Website – Clear & Simple!

The steps to set up a business website might not seem obvious. In fact,web design overall can seem very confusing, especially when there's so much being dumped on you -- Google Analytics, SEO, shopping carts, should you start a blog, social media, payment gateways, and about a hundred other issues -- it's easy to get overwhelmed. So in this post, what I've done is clearly laid out a sequential set of steps to help you get started in web design, and get your online venture live on the web. So by the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a clear set of actions that you can take to get your business online and earning revenue. Let's jump into it! (more…)

How Ecommerce Works For Small Business: Shopping Carts, Payment Processors, Merchant Accounts, and More!

How E-Commerce Transactions Work – Clear Steps!

Understanding how e-commerce transactiosn work is important. Being able to accept credit card payments is the crux of every online business, large or small. If you can't accept credit cards, you won't have much of an online business! But with so much technical jargon, it can all seem very complicated. What are the key components, and how do they fit together? If you're a small business owner who wants to get clarity on how ecommerce works, then you're in the right spot! In this post, I'll lay out all the pieces for you and show you how they fit together. And, you'll discover that it really isn't all that complicated at all. Ready? Then let's go! (more…)

The 6 Types Of Web Hosting For Your Business

Types Of Web Hosting And Their Differences

The types of web hosting and their differences can be confusing. But getting yourself set up with web hosting is a critical step in bringing your projects and businesses to life online. But, if you're brand new to web design—or even if you've been around a while—web hosting can sometimes be a confusing, even daunting, subject. On top of the litany of terms, hosting plans, options, and add-ons, there are a huge number of companies and packages to sift through and choose from. Where should you get started? Should you just pick a hosting company and hope for the best? (more…)

The Best Code Editors For Online Business Owners

Best Code Editors For Beginners – Mac & Windows!

Looking for the best code editor for beginners? In a previous tutorial, Code Editors For Small Business Website Owners, we talked about what you'd need from a code editor as small business owner who wants to be able to control and manage your website yourself. We learned that while a simple text editor can do the job, going with a code editor, which as been purposely built to handle languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others, gives you a lot of handy tools and features to help make your work go faster. We also learned what we didn't need and also what we should avoid. If you missed it, be sure to check out that previous tutorial for more information before continuing here. (more…)

Top Web Hosting Companies For Small Business

Cheap Web Hosting For Small Business

Looking for cheap web hosting for small business? In this tutorial, I want to recommend some specific web hosting companies that might be a good fit for you and your business. The idea is to narrow down your number of choices from a seemingly endless number of web hosting companies to sort through, to just a handful of the best. This will give you a great starting point. (more…)

Learn how to build your small business website!
What Is SSL, And Do You Need It For Your Business Website?

Do I Need An SSL Certificate? Find Out Fast!

Wondering, "Do I need an SSL certificate?" Have you heard of SSL, or SSL certificates before? Do you know if you need one for your website? Well if you're running an online business website, then you'll definitely need SSL. SSL might sound technical and intimidating, but it's not nearly as complex to set up and install on your website as you might think. In fact, it's one of the easiest aspects of getting your business website set up properly. And, it requires zero technical skill. By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear understanding of what SSL certificates are, why you need one for your site, and where to go to get one. And, you'll also know exactly what's involved in getting it all set up on your site. Let's take a look! (more…)

What You Need To Know About Domain Names For Business

How Do Domain Names Work? EASY Guide!

How do domain names work? In this tutorial, we'll go over some domain name fundamentals—things like how domains work, why you should consider your domain your number one business asset online, and how to keep your private information safe. If you're really unsure about all this stuff, you're in the right spot! (more…)

7 Monster Reasons Why WordPress Is Perfect For Your Online Business Website

7 Monster Reasons Why WordPress Is Perfect For Your Online Business Website


Secret Formulas, Silver Bullets & Other Wishful Hopes Of Newbie Entrepreneurs

Secret Formulas, Silver Bullets & Other Wishful Hopes Of Newbie Entrepreneurs

A lot of people are trying their hardest. After all, the prize is definitely worth it. But a lot of us are searching hard for a guide, a map, or some simple steps to follow. Wouldn't that be great? Maybe. But today's post explores why this approach just might have you going down dead end streets or even off the edge of a cliff! Lets' discuss... (more…)