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Small Business Web Hosting Feature Rundown: The Critical, The Helpful, And The Completely Useless

Most Important Web Hosting Features

Clarify the most important web hosting features. Before you can launch your online business, you'll need to set yourself up with some solid web hosting. And before you can set yourself up with solid web hosting that will fit your business needs and requirements, you'll need to know what to look for, what's important, what you can safely ignore, and so on. That's what this tutorial is all about. (more…)

Code Editors For Small Business Website Owners

What Code Editor Should You Use? Find The Best!

Wondering what code editor you should use? If you're keen to really dig into web design and control your website yourself, then an important tool you'll need is some kind of code editing application. Simply said, a code editor is a simple piece of software that allows you to write and edit code by hand. Even if you're running a WordPress website, a solid code editor is a must-have tool for business owners who want to own and control their website themselves. (more…)

Business Owner’s Guide To Front-End And Back-End Web Design

What Is The Difference Between Front End And Back End Web Development?

What's the difference between front end and back end web development? Well as you no doubt know already, the world of web design is loaded with jargon and terminology, which can sometimes be tricky to follow. To make matters worse, some terms are so widely used, that they're applied to many things...or they mean different things to different people. As a business owner, it's important to understand even some basic web design concepts. This makes it easier to communicate with others, and hunt for solutions on our own. So in this tutorial, we'll get some clarity on the jargonny, wacky world of web design! (more…)

3 Options For Setting Up Your Business Email

Best Way To Set Up Business Email: 3 Top Choices!

Want the best way to set up email for your business? If you're running any kind of business-related website, you'll want a way for prospects and customers to communicate with you. The primary method of communication is of course going to be email, and that's what this tutorial's all about. Hopefully at this point, you've registered your business's domain name, purchased some web hosting, and pointed your domain to your new hosting account. If not, be sure to check out my tutorials, How To Register A Domain Name With NameCheap, Finding The Best Web Hosting For Your Website, and Pointing Your Domain Name To Your Web Hosting Account. (more…)

SEO For Small Business Owners — An Introductory Crash Course

Importance Of SEO For Small Businesses

The importance of SEO for small business shouldn't be dismissed. As a small business owner, creator, or self-marketer, I'm sure you've heard about the importance of SEO. But it seems like somewhat of a mystical art, doesn't it? After all, how come some websites consistently appear at the top of search engine rankings while others don't? And how can you get your website to start showing up in Google and other search engines, too? In this post, I'd like to give you a run-down on the basics of SEO for small business websites, and show how you can leverage it to get your business to start showing up in the search engines. Let's dive in! (more…)

Small Business SEO Checklist: 3 Ways To Help Improve Your SEO

How To Do SEO For Small Business: 3-Step Checklist!

Wondering How to do SEO for small business? SEO may seem like complex subject, but it's actually fairly straightforward once you have a handle on it. While it may seem somewhat mystical or shrouded in the dark arts, you just need an understanding of basics. It's important too to know what you can safely ignore. In this post, I'll give you my top three methods for implementing a solid SEO strategy. I call this my Small Business SEO Checklist. I'd love to jump into it, so let's go! (more…)

Learn how to build your small business website!
The 3 Critical Web Hosting Features Every Small Business Needs

Web Hosting – Important Features You Need!

Important web hosting features are critical. Setting up web hosting is quite obviously an important aspect of getting your business online and bringing it to life. But web hosting can often be a confusing and daunting issue. On top of the litany of terms, hosting plans, options, and add-ons, there are a huge number of companies and packages to sift through and choose from. Which one is right for you? (more…)

How To Use FTP To Connect To Your Small Business Website

How Does FTP Work? Clear Explanation!

How does FTP work? Well, when running any kind of small business website or online project, we often need to connect directly to our live website to access the files that are stored there. The best way to do this is to use something called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). While it may sound technical (and possibly related to quantum physics), it's actually pretty straightforward. So if you have no idea about FTP or how it all works, then you're in the right spot—that's what this tutorial's all about! (more…)

How much does it cost to build a website for a small business

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website For A Small Business?

The cost to build a website for a small business can get pretty high. But if you know even the basics of web design, including some WordPress and maybe a bit of Photoshop, you can save yourself huge expenses and hassle. Here, we'll detail out the costs to build a website for a small business, and you'll see the exact expenses involved. Let's get started! (more…)

4 Steps To A Highly Secure Website

How To Make Your Website Secure: 4 Easy Steps!

Making your website secure is critically important. If you’re concerned about keeping your website secure, then you're in the right spot -- that's what this post is all about. One of the most important issues when running a website (especially an online business site) is keeping everything secure and locked down. Oddly though, this is a topic that's rarely addressed. To me, securing our websites, our businesses, and ultimately our ability to earn revenue online is a huge, huge priority. And the good news is, none of this is too technical or difficult. It just takes a bit of forethought and maybe some planning on our part. In this post, I'm going to outline my four step process to ensure your site is highly secure for a long time to come. Let me show you what it's all about! (more…)