Block Ads While Browsing The Web – Remove Ads In Chrome, Firefox, YouTube, Mobile…EVERYWHERE!

Online ads are absolutely annoying as heck, aren't they? They're intrusive, they get in our way...and very often they can get downright creepy with things like behavioural tracking. So for these and other reasons, it's a great idea to install ad blocker extensions for your web browser.

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Now I've gotta to tell you, I'd actually forgotten that I'd configured my web browsers to block all online ads!

Yeah, I'd completely forgotten. I'd set myself up so long ago that the idea of seeing an ad before a YouTube video or somewhere else online was a foreign experience for me...

...that was until I was on someone else's computer and I'm going, "What's with all these freakin' ads?" ...aaand that what sparked the idea for this video!

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So here, you and I will talk about how to block ads on your desktop computer or laptop...and then later we'll talk briefly about how to block ads on your mobile device, too.

The good news here is that everything we'll discuss here is completely free. So, let's get started with blocking ads on desktop and laptop computers.

Now the challenge here is that there are so many different web browsers available these days. Here, I'll cover how to block ads on two of the most popular browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

If you're running Chrome, then all you need to do is install the Adblock extension. Adblock will block all ads, website popups, and even YouTube ads. For extra coverage, go ahead and install Adblock Plus too, which also blocks ads and tracking in your browser.

These extensions are free, they're easy to install, and only take a few seconds to add to your browser. I'll leave links in the Show Notes below to these two extensions.

Now maybe this is a bit redundant or overkill, but with these two extensions installed, you won't see any ads online anymore...not even on YouTube, like I say!

Now if you're a Firefox user, then I have three extensions that I suggest you install: Once again, the Adblock Plus extension which just as in Chrome will block web ads, YouTube ads, and so on.

For even more security, install the AdBlocker Ultimate Firefox extension which will also block malware and web trackers, and also install an extension called uBlock Origin, which is more of a "nefarious content blocker" rather than an ad blocker.

I'll tell you, I mostly use Firefox as my primary browser these days and with these three extensions installed, I never see an ad online. Ever. Not on YouTube, not on Google Search results pages, not on social media, not on news where!

Again, I'll leave links to these below in the Show Notes. Oh and I just thought of another one -- If you'd like some extra security, NoScript is another great extension for your web browser, too.

Now I know there are other browser add-ons like Adburner and A-blocker, but the extensions that I've mentioned here are the ones I use -- and again, don't forget, they're all totally free.

With online ads now blocked, your web browser will run A LOT faster! That's because your browser won't get bogged down while you surf.

Now before we move on to ad blocking on your mobile device, one final thought that comes to mind is, you could simply use the free Brave web browser.

Brave blocks ads by default, and offers a lot in terms of privacy and security online too. In fact, I have a post that discusses some safe, secure web browsers (including Brave), so I'll leave a link for you to that post in the Show Notes.

Alright, finally we have blocking ads on your smartphone or tablet or other mobile device.

Now admittedly, this does get more complicated. Oftentimes, phone manufacturers and carriers will have their own proprietary Android versions, web browsers, and so on... blocking ads on your mobile device could get a little hairy. However, if you're running Firefox on your phone or tablet, you could install browser extensions like uBlock Origin and AdGuard AdBlocker.

However probably the simplest solution is to install the Brave mobile browser. That's what I've done on my phone and I don't see ads while I'm browsing or using YouTube, which is awesome.

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