Biggest Problem New Entrepreneurs Face (MUST Overcome This!)

Let me ask you this: What's something you have absolutely no interest in? Like literally, zero interest...having a pet parakeet? How to code iPhone apps? Building model railroads? Now, would you buy a book that's all about this topic you have absolutely no interest in? Of course not, right?!

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Well what if the author of this book told you that they were totally passion about this topic and that they hate their job, and their boss is a jerk, and they want to build a successful business that's all about this subject.

Now would you buy their book? Maybe out of pity. Maybe!

And you know what? The same holds true for the people we're trying to sell to. Let's reverse the roles. By putting our needs first, what we're saying to our customers is, "Please buy my product because I'm needy and I've always loved this thing and I hate my job!"

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Honestly, nobody cares. Everybody wants more money, to quit their job, to do what they love all day long. So why should they care about us?

You're not gonna waste money on a book about parakeets or how to code iPhone apps because you only spend your money on things you're interested in. And so does everyone else...including your customers.

So if you've fallen into this trap before, take heart. It's totally normal. Everyone who starts in business starts here, so don't feel bad if this is where you are. It's just another critical distinction that needs to be made. Think of it as a rite of passage.

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