Biggest Mistake Small Business Owners Make (So EASY To Avoid!)

Getting the attention of the sorts of people you want to serve in your online business is very hard. In other words, building your initial audience around your online business and the work you do takes time and consistent effort. That's because attention and trust are so rare...especially online.

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But if you keep at it, the magic kicks in and suddenly you have an active, engaged group of people surrounding you, your online business, and the fulfilling work you love to do.

Yet oddly, most businesses continue to be focused on attracting more and more attention...even after they have a loyal audience of happy paying customers. Don't get me wrong, continuing to bring new people into your audience is very important...

...but focusing entirely on this while ignoring existing customers is a critical mistake that nearly all businesses make. Why isn't my dry cleaner attaching a 10% off coupon for my next visit?

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Why is the guy at the convenience store such a grouch...influencing me to decide to drive an extra 2 minutes to the other convenience store next time?

Why doesn't the used book website that I order from all the time give me a voucher for a free book after I spend a certain amount? Oh wait...they DO! Which is why I keep going back to them, again and again. Hey...a business that's doing it right!...

...that is, rewarding EXISTING customers and influencing their decision in a positive way to come back again and again. See, getting the attention and interest of total strangers is hard work. They're cold. They don't know who you are or what you're offering or why they should care.

In the meantime, it's like existing customers are sitting on their hands in the corner going, "Remember me?" They're the EASIEST people to sell to...not cold strangers. They already know you and understand what you're offering.

And they trust you too because your products and services deliver big-time for them. So develop products and services to help them with other problems and challenges that they may be facing.

Maybe you've heard the phrase "the money's in the back-end." That's exactly what this means. There's tons of untapped revenue sitting there...waiting for your help. Waiting for you to develop something that'll help your existing customers.

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