BIG Reasons Why Customers Aren’t Buying (Easy Fix!)

Customers buy from you because they want to improve their situation -- they have some kind of problem, issue, or area in their lives that they want to improve, fix, or upgrade. So why would they, or why should they, buy from you? You might think your product or service is the best. You might think your business is unique...but objectively, is this true?

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As business owners, we're totally biased -- of course we think what we're selling is the best choice for the customer. Of course we think our business is unique...because it's OURS.

But the problem is, we can't clearly and objectively see our business as our customers do. We're on the inside looking out...Our potential customers, the audience we're serving, is on the outside looking in...and what they see is how our business, our branding, our products and services, look to the market.

I once told a student of mine, "I have no idea what Ten Ton looks like to you. I mean, I have a rough idea...but I really can't see it the way you do." So I have to listen carefully, pay attention, and do the best I can to serve my audience's needs.

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This ties directly to a theory I have called "George Lucas has never seen Star Wars." Really! He's never seen it! he doesn't understand what all the hype or excitement is about.

In fact, when Star Wars was released in 1977, as the story goes, he fled to Hawaii because he was convinced it would be a complete bomb. Of course, the rest is cinematic history.

As the creator, George Lucas can't see Star Wars the way his audience of fans see it. He's on the inside, not really "getting" what fans on the outside love so much about it.

So as business owners, we need to be really careful. We can't go on our on biased opinion that our products are different when to potential customers who are on the outside looking in, all our products and services look identical to all the others that are being offered in our market.

Do our products REALLY stand out? Do they REALLY solve specific problems and fill specific needs? It's our job to find out...and to tweak and adjust what we're offering if they don't.

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