Big Email Marketing Mistakes (Easy To AVOID!)

There are two big, major mistakes businesses make with their email marketing efforts. And here's the first one: Only emailing your list anytime you're running a promotion or have something that you're trying to sell.

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We see this with retailers and other businesses, both online and offline, don't we? All we get in our inbox from them is sales emails -- you know, stuff like, "This week only," and "buy one get one," and stuff like this.

And it wears on us, doesn't it? If there's too much of this kind of stuff, eventually people start unsubscribing. And businesses wonder why their email list is non-responsive and why sales's because subscribers get fatigued -- people didn't join your list to get sold to!

Instead, they joined your list because they thought you could help them get closer to the results they want for themselves...whatever result that might be. If you'd said to them, "Hey sign up and I'll try to sell you something every week" then nobody would sign up! Would you?

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Gary Vee had it right when he said, "Jab, jab, jab...right hook." Right hooks are sales emails. Jabs are emails that deepen the relationship with your subscriber. With these sorts of emails, you want to further establish trust and credibility, and demonstrate your knowledge and skill...showing your subscriber how you can help them.

So if there are four components -- "Jab, jab, jab...right hook" -- and three of them are "Jabs" and just one of them is a "Right Hook"...then that means 75% of your emails should be providing free value and deepening your relationship with your audience...while just 25% of your emails should be promotional emails.

And you know what? This creates a lot of credibility and trust with your audience. It tells your audience, "Hey, I'm not just here to sell you stuff. I'm here to help and serve and provide." And that creates goodwill and solid relationships. And when your audience is ready, they'll buy.

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