BIG Benefits Of Email Marketing For Your Small Business

If you don't know by now, email marketing is where it's at. If you think email marketing is old-fashioned, outdated, or no longer works...then what are your alternatives?

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To spend years of effort building an audience on Facebook...and then they come along and change the organic reach algorithm so that practically no one who follows you sees your stuff...unless you pay for extended reach?

Or how about building an audience on Twitter or Instagram? That could work, but again, you're putting yourself at risk by working hard to build an audience on a platform that some big tech giant owns and controls. But with your own email list, you own it all.

Peole can come and go as they please, and you can reach out to your audience and send them a direct, personal message anytime you want. That's the power of email. And it's very often overlooked or considered a relic.

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What's so great about using email to build an audience around your online business is that with every email you send, you're deepening the relationship with the people who have decided to join you. And I'm not talking about spammy promo emails.

Here, I'm talking about sending out helpful, valuable content on a consistent basis. What's so great here is that email gives you multiple opportunities to do exactly this. So often times an email shows up in someone's inbox and they see it and go "Oh, I'll check that out later."

Then maybe later that day or the next day, they see it again, "Oh yeah, I gotta check that out." Then maybe a little later, they finally open it and read it (and of course, love the great value and info you're sending them).

But it doesn't end there. Very often, we hang on to emails. My students have told me on many occasions that they hang on to my emails and refer back to them all the time. So that's at least three "exposures" or "impressions" or "times a subscriber" sees a single email.

That's the number of times they've seen your email and are reminded of you. And that's PER email! If you're sending out emails on a regular, consistent basis, this only multiplies. So unlike other forms of online marketing, email endures.

Compare this to posting something on Twitter. In less than 20 seconds, it's buried in your follower's feeds, never to be seen again. So, email endures. You don't only get just one shot. Email gives you many opportunities.

And over time, you can grow and develop that relationship with your audience...because you know what? Just like you, they want a close relationship with you. They want to get to know you. They want to trust you.

As a quick "offline" example, I keep going back to the same barber, over and over. In fact, when he moved to a new town, I followed him even though it was twice the drive for me. Why?

Because when I walk in, he greets me warmly and treats me like we're old friends. I can get a haircut anywhere. I pay for the relationship!

So if you aren't using email in your online'd better get on it! Cuz your list is where your customer relationships are. And when you have solid customer relationships, the selling does itself!

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