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A big decision early on, when you're just looking to get your online business and your website set up is, of course, web hosting. No doubt, there are tons and tons of web hosting options, aren't there?

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And they all kinda look the same, talk the same, offer the same services, and have pricing that's about the same. So how are you supposed to tell the difference between them? How can you find a host that you know is reliable, reputable, trustworthy...and a perfect fit for your online business?

Well, here's what's up: Web hosting has largely been commoditized. This means that the cost for fast, reliable hosting has consistently gone down and hosting services are getting more and more indistinguishable.

But this doesn't mean that going with just any host will be fine for you. As a matter of fact, out of all the web hosting companies out there, there's just a small handful that I recommend you investigate further.

Learn how to build your small business website!

This means that your search has gone from a near-infinite number of options...down to about 3 to 5. That's a lot better to manage, isn't it? So what I'll do is, I'll leave some links and resources in the Show Notes below this video for you.

There you'll find content about the hosts I recommend and that compares these recommended hosts to one another to help you make the right choice for yourself and your online business -- it's way too much to get into here.

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