Best Market Research Methods: Key Approaches Revealed!

Learning more about your customers and their needs is critical to your business's success. One method for conducting customer research is to use yourself. Yes! Use yourself as your own test subject. In other words, be your own guinea pig!

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Very likely you're already a member of the audience you'll be serving. After all, many entrepreneurs start out to solve their own problems. And if this is the case with you, then a great place to start your research is with yourself. Use yourself as a starting point.

So ask yourself what your biggest problems and issues are related to the areas of the market you're serving. Think about 'em and write 'em down.

I'll give you an example: Way back when, back when I was starting my online learning company, Ten Ton Online, I couldn't make heads or tails of all this business and marketing stuff.

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What a mess! There's so much confusion, contradicting info, and no single source that simply lays everything out.

I call this mess, by the way, a "Spaghetti Salad!" Frustrated by all the books and courses I'd bought into, I vowed to simplify all this business and marketing stuff.

So, I solved my own problem. So then my students began asking me about online business and about how they could get started was simply a matter of sharing with them the solutions and systems that I'd already developed.

So for yourself, in your world, in your market, what you do wish were easier or more convenient? What's a big pain in your butt?! Really think hard about this. Keep digging and write down anything and everything that comes to mind.

Think too about what you spend your money on. What products and services do you buy in this area? Do you subscribe to specific apps, tools, or software? What services and products do you use?

Then, ask yourself what you'd wish they'd do better. Can you improve upon what already exists? What could you build for yourself that you would actually use, that would solve some of your biggest problems in this area?

You can gain some incredible insights here. All it takes is a notebook and pen, a quiet place to think, and a single human brain...simply by being your own guinea pig.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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