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If you've seen some of my stuff before, then you already know that whether your web hosting company offers free email along with your account or not, I’m going to encourage you to go with a dedicated email service instead.

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I’ve been using Google G Suite’s dedicated email service for years, and the difference between using web hosted email and a dedicated email service -- especially for your online business -- is immeasurable!

Here are some reasons why using a separate, dedicated email service for your business’s website is much better than using the free email that comes with your web hosting...

First, many web hosts promise anti-spam protection with your email. And while some do a pretty good job at filtering out the junk, it’s pretty tough to beat the rigorous measures that business-grade, industry standard email services go to in fighting spam and malware.

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With professional, business-grade email service, their dedicated service! Email is what they do, and all they do. So, they’re going to work hard to ensure that your experience with their service is top notch.

This means rigorous anti-spam filters and malware protection to keep your inbox clutter-free, and your business communications running perfectly at all times. Next, consider this: You’re trying to run your online businesses here, not chase technical problems, right?

Back when I was using the free email service that came with my hosting, I had numerous situations where customers hadn’t received emails that I knew I’d sent them. For whatever reason, my email didn’t go through.

Other times, customers had sent me emails that never made it through on my end. Some of these cost me money, lost sales, or lost opportunities. So with your online business's email, reliability is simply a must.

And since we’re on the issue of reliability, here’s another problem with tying your business’s email and your web hosting together. If your website temporarily goes down, for whatever reason, then your business email goes down with it.

I’ve had my websites go down from anywhere from just a few hours, to even a week. That experience is stressful enough...but imagine not having access to email during these times too —- especially if you’re running a business!

If your business email’s separate from your web hosting, at least you can still communicate with your customers. You can at least let them know that you’re experiencing some technical problems, and that technical support is working on it.

Still not ideal, but it’s better than your entire business going dark for an undetermined amount of time. Going with a dedicated, business-grade email service gives you peace of mind to know that your email is reliable...

...that messages are being sent and received, and that your business or web project’s communications are being handled by professionals. A dedicated service takes the hassles and headaches out of email.

Here's something else: While many web hosts hype "free, unlimited email addresses" with your web hosting...all of this takes up space. All the email you’ll be sending and receiving, and any attachments they include, all your archived email...’s all eating into the same space that your website occupies...because your website and your email are both stored the same space in your hosting account. If you’re storing and using a lot of email (and who isn’t?), then you may find yourself quickly running out of space for your website.

Not so good. On the other hand, a dedicated email service comes with it’s own, separate storage space. Because this storage space is located on a different server that’s owned by an entirely different company, it’ll never impact your website’s storage space.

Typically, dedicated email service will come standard with 30-50gb of storage (that’s a lot), and you can always purchase more space if you need it.

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