Best Bulk Email Marketing Service – Critical Business Component!

Let's talk about email marketing...specifically, the email marketing service you'll use to send frequent messages to your mailing list. Who you choose as your email service provider can have a pretty significant impact on your business and your marketing efforts.

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  • If you're serious about your email marketing, then go with the best service in the industry, ActiveCampaign.


And again, for clarity, I'm not talking about Gmail or Google G Suite or Office 365 or ProtonMail or other similar services. Here we're talking again about the email marketing service you'll use to send emails to your email list.

Choosing the right email marketing service helps you to design, schedule, automate, track, and of course deliver emails to your mailing list subscribers.

But as I've experienced directly, not all email marketing providers are equal. Not only do some offer more functionality, automation, and design templates...but the real big issue for me is deliverability. That is, ensuring that emails actually get delivered to your subscriber's inbox.

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I've tried a ton of different email service providers...not all of them, but a lot of them. And a few years ago, all of this came to a head for me and my business when I discovered that many of my emails weren't being delivered.

My subscribers would email me and say, "Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while. Hope everything's okay"...and I'm going, "I sent out an email to my subscribers two days ago!"

Imagine...paying for a product that doesn't actually do the primary thing it's supposed to do. Like, buying a car that doesn't drive or a computer that won't turn on. I was very frustrated...yet out of htis frustration, I went on the hunt for a much more reliable email service.

And what I discovered was, design templates, fancy layouts and all that stuff wasn't important at all. What matters most when choosing an email service provider is deliverability...and the actual email delivery part is different between providers. Some are very good at it while others aren't.

A good email service cracks down on other accounts on the same service that send spam or garbage emails. They make sure that your emails don't wind up in your subscriber's spam folder.

So what did I learn? Well, at the risk of turning this into a commercial, after tons and tons of research, testing, and trial and error, I discovered an email marketing service that not only has top deliverability, but it's also packed with features like design templates, automations, and much more.

And that service is ActiveCampaign. It comes loaded with everything you'll need to handle your online business's email marketing. Plus, it integrates perfectly into many third party applications like WordPress.

So if you're serious about email marketing, definitely give them a look (affiliate link below -- thanks!) And if you haven't, start building your business's email list right away. It's easily your online business's Number One asset!

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