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More information is rarely the answer. Skill, knowledge, and talent isn't the answer either. You know, people who say, "I'll get started after I read this book..." or "I just need to learn more about..." or "Before I start, first I need..."

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We all know plenty of talented, skilled, knowlegeable people who struggle in life. Why? What sets people apart isn't their skill, knowledge, or natural abilities. What sets people apart is simply the ability to DECIDE on an objective, commit to it, and take daily action towards reaching that objective...tiny, incremental babysteps every single day towards the things they want most.

All it takes is to decide. It has nothing to do with your current abilities, needign to learn more, not beign "good enough" yet, knowing HOW you'll reach your objectives, or any of that. None of that matters. All that matters is what you'll decide to do next.

No preparation is needed. No prerequisites are required...just you and your unwavering commitment -- "THIS is what I want for myself, my family, and the audience of customers I want to serve"...and then every single day taking some kind of action -- the next logical, progressive step forward towards that outcome. No more "Zero Days."

Learn how to build your small business website!

So if it's an online business you want, what are you waiting for? If it's to master how to attract an audience online around the work you do...start pushing in that direction. if it's to increase sales, develop killer products, or really anything else in life, there's no pre-prep or anything you need to do ahead of time. Just take the first step.

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