Advice For New Business Owners (Start Here!)

First, build a set of valuable and complimentary skills. This ties into something called your "skill stack." This is a set of skills that 1) come naturally to you -- that you naturally gravitate towards, and 2) skills that you may not like as much, but that support and compliment your existing skills.

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And in fact, there are a group of skills that practically everyone should have -- that they should be teaching in school alongside reading, math, and other basics. Some of these include web design, business writing, video editing, persuasion, graphic design, and business basics.

The key here is that we don't need to become experts in any of these -- just a basic understanding of the fundamentals can go a long, long way not only in complimenting and supporting your existing skills, but also in your online business. So in most cases, just the basics will do.

The next thing is, don't rush. Especially with online business, those who are new to it all are in a rush to make money as fast as possible. Maybe it's because they hate their job or maybe there's some other reason. But honestly...there's no rush.

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There's plenty of time to figure things out and work out what you'd like to do. But don't mistake this for a free pass to be lazy and do nothing. Every single day you should be working in your business, taking big steps towards the destination you want. No more zero days!

Patience is one of the most underrated characteristics an entrepreneur can have...aggressive patience to sow seeds now and reap the benefits two, three, four years into the future. Especially early on, it's about patience and refining exactly what it is that you're doing.

Next, forget about trying to "get rich." Sure, all that stuff is a great motivator...but one of the secrets in business is that you have to temporarily put your needs, dreams, and desires aside...and put the needs and desires of your target audience first.

If you can get yourself out of the way and take care of other's needs first...then you won't need to worry about "how to get rich" or any of that stuff. Said another way, take care of your customers, and they'll take care of you!

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