Geoff's Quick Stats

  • 20+ years experience professional teaching and instructing.
  • 10+ years experience as an online business owner and marketer.
  • 100+ online learning products (self-paced courses, books, workshops, etc).
  • Thousands of happy, satisfied students!

"After having a bad experience with a web designer I got lucky and found Geoff’s videos. They’re so well done — simple, clear, not too fast, not too slow. After watching them I fired my web designer and got hard at work on my own projects, saving tons of money. I can’t say enough good things about Geoff and his courses!"


"Another internet guru? How can I know you're legit?"

The dead giveaway of fake gurus is promises of easy passive income...secret, sure-fire tactics that they're "generously" sharing...and their "dead easy turnkey blueprints."

You'll notice something totally different here with Ten Ton.

Practically no talk of profits or revenue. Instead, the focus here is on returning to business fundamentals -- the tangible building blocks of a solid, stable long-term business.

No trends, no hype, no nonsense. The emphasis here is on building a business around work that's fulfilling to you...serving the sorts of people you want to work with.

Do that well, and revenue will take care of itself!

So I invite you to take a look around and see if the material I've developed is a good fit for you.

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Ten Ton's Mission

To simplify and clarify business for everyday people.

Most often, business is made out to be complex, overwhelming, and risky. But at the same time, running your own business is totally exciting and motivating, right?

The World's Flipped Upside Down

Here's what this is really about: The technological shifts we're living through are changing everything -- the way we live and work, how we learn, and especially what our economies look like.

The old world of 9-5 job security and guaranteed pensions is dead and gone. The faster we can adjust to the changes that are happening, the better.

Rather than fighting against these changes (hoping that things will "go back to normal") we can get creative and ride the waves of technological change.

What Tomorrow Looks Like

The world of tomorrow has many people working and earning online in their own small business -- whether it's a creative side-project or a full-time business...

...all from home, all at their own pace.

This is the opportunity we've all been blessed with: To build an online business doing work that's fulfilling to us, serving the sorts of people we enjoy helping.

Bad Teaching Sucks

The only reason why business and marketing seems so complex and confusing is because of bad teaching. Many teachers become barriers between the student and the information.

Bad teachers suck the enthusiasm and excitement out of learning.

My mission with Ten Ton is to serve and guide people just like you -- people who are excited to leveraging low-cost, easy to use technology to build something worthwhile... provide for themselves and their families...doing work that matters...for people who care.

Ten Ton's Tenets:

  • Be honest and genuine in all interactions.
  • Extend generosity of time and value to others.
  • Use creativity in work, when problem solving, and in serving others.
  • Be of service to those who seek help and guidance.
  • Maintain a long-term perspective.
  • Build genuine relationships first, above all else.

"Your videos supercharged my ability to customize WordPress for my clients who are extremely happy with the results. In fact, I am now turning down client requests because my work is in huge demand, all as a result of watching your videos which made it so easy to learn what I needed to know to take my clients’ sites — and therefore my business — to the next level of success."


Ten Ton's Ten Commandments:

1. Optimize your online business for fulfillment, not income.

Chasing money for the sake of "more" doesn't provide a big enough "why." Instead, we can build online businesses around work we enjoy...and get our needs met simultaneously

so why not build something to enrich your life and the lives of others...while earning a great income as a result?

2. Develop a set of complimentary skills to use in the service of others.

These can be skills that come naturally, that you already possess, or that you maybe need to develop for yourself.

By themselves, they may not be worth much...but combined together, they can be very powerful (and valuable to others).

3. Identify a specific group of people you wish to serve.

Limitations of time and other resources means that "everyone" cannot be your customer. So instead, determine the sorts of people you want to work with day after day.

Again, because we can build our business however we want, why not build yours to serve people who you enjoy being around?

4. Uncover your audience's biggest pains and problems.

Your customers don't buy products or services. They buy solutions to problems, challenges, and frustrations. Uncover what they're wrestling with, and you can serve them very well.

5. Develop products and services to solve your audience's problems at a profit.

Solving your customer's problems is the core of your business. And making a profit doesn't make you greedy... means you can keep the lights on and the machines running so that you can continue serving and helping your audience tomorrow...and the day after that...and the day after that...

...for as long as you'd like.

6. Don't rely on a single entity for your business to continue functioning.

This means not relying on anyone else in order for your business to run. This includes specific people, or social media platforms, or even certain technologies.

It also means separating your online business's key services, and using tools and platforms that you own and control yourself.

7. Use SEO-optimized content marketing to organically attract your audience online.

Running paid ads is fine, but unless you've got deep pockets and truckloads of patience, this approach often comes after you've built an audience -- once you're ready to grow your business further.

When starting out, keep your costs low and leverage organic search (SEO) to get found by the people you wish to serve.

8. Use email as your business's primary distribution channel.

It may seem dusty and old, but email marketing is incredibly powerful. In fact, email's magnitudes more powerful than any social media platform.

9. Add fuel to your business with additional business ingredients.

Ingredients like a strong refund policy, branding, a business structure that works for you, and others make powerful additions to your business.

10. Understand the true purpose of business.

We often think that the purpose of business is to "get rich." But once the needs of you and your loved ones are met...then what? The true purpose of business is service -- to make things better for other people.

Business is beautiful: You help others fix their problems, and after you reach your ideal lifestyle, you can share surplus revenues with even more people...charities and organizations you support, or maybe people who don't have the same opportunities or skills as you do. That, my friend, is the true purpose of business!

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