Ten Ton's Mission

To help smart, motivated people develop into a True Entrepreneur!

Listen, the world doesn't need any more employees, managers, paper-shufflers, or ditch-diggers. We gottsa 'nough of those!

But there's an extreme shortage of problem-solvers, skilled innovators, and demand-fillers just like you. And lotsa folks are excited about business, yet...

...what do best-selling business books, online "experts," and even business school professors do?

They confuse.

They complicate.

And they frustrate.

And maybe that's because their priority isn't to develop folks like you and I into True Entrepreneurs, but instead...

...maybe their priority is to sell books, gain views and subs online, and to sell expensive (and completely useless) diplomas.

Ten Ton's mission is all about fixing that — about giving you a completely new perspective on business that works!

Geoff's Quick Stats

  • 20+ years experience professional teaching and instructing.
  • 10+ years experience as an online business owner and marketer.
  • 100+ online learning products (self-paced courses, books, workshops, etc).
  • Thousands of happy, satisfied students!

Ten Ton's Tenets:

  • Be honest and genuine in all interactions.
  • Extend generosity of time and value to others.
  • Use creativity in work, when problem solving, and in serving others.
  • Be of service to those who seek help and guidance.
  • Maintain a long-term perspective.
  • Build genuine relationships first, above all else.

"Trust me (I hate it when someone says that) it will be the best money you will spend on getting your business moving forward on the net. Geoff, I can not thank you enough. My wife thanks you. My dog thanks you. I’m putting you on my Christmas list and naming my first grandson after you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. PS: the hair is starting to grow back!"

Michael R.

"Another business guru? How can I know you're legit?"

There are some dead giveaways that someone's a fake business guru.

The biggest ones are promises of easy passive income...secret, sure-fire tactics...and their "insider turnkey strategies." Other red flags include focusing on hypey trends, social media feeds filled with rented people, cars, and places, and other ridiculousness that has nothing to do with what business is really all about.

My friend, you won't find any of that bullshit here.

Instead, the focus is on practical, real-world, and hard-won business fundamentals.

No hype, no gimmicks, no nonsense.

Take a look at the mountain of free business resources. And when you're ready...

...take things further by enrolling your free Online Business Workshop...where you'll discover what business is really all about!

"A big thank you for your amazingly easy to understand course. I love your easy-talking-style — it makes it so much easier to follow and have a good laugh as well. You give us the chance to follow along on our side. You have the uncanny knack of getting inside our heads and know ahead of time what we find confusing. Please keep adding more courses...they really are amazing! Many thanks!"


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