A Silver Lining?

There's a lot of uncertainty out there...

People's jobs...businesses...livelihoods...Everything's up in the air.

Sure makes you re-prioritize what's important and what isn't, huh?

But...maybe there's a silver lining...

...maybe there's a positive in all this mess.

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...maybe there's an OPPORTUNITY for you.

See, just few short weeks ago, most people were working jobs they didn't particularly like. Maybe it was tolerable. Maybe was even pretty good. Or maybe it totally sucked eggs and the current state of the world is a welcome break!

Whatever the case, let me ask you this: When was the last time you got to just...


When was the last time you had the chance to get off the merry-go-round? To take a break from the rat race? To have a prolonged period of time away from the grind?

Probably never, right?

Even if you're working remotely from home these days, things are probably a lot less hectic than normal.

So maybe this is an opportunity do some reflecting. To think about what's really important to you. What matters. And, what sort of work would really be fulfilling for you...if you could fill your life with it.

I'll tell you, here's what's most important to me, in descending order: 1) Relationships, 2) Health, 3) Fulfilling work.

Everything after that is freakin' gravy.

But what about you? What's most important? What matters to you?

To help out, I'll pull from an early chapter of the Online Business Building Blocks ebook. Here's three things that in my humble opinion are critical to sort out...

- "What things are you good at?"

- "What things do you enjoy doing?"

- "Can any of the above solve problems other people have?"

Pull out a notepad and jot down some thoughts.

But wait. Why do these sorts of questions matter? Like, who cares? They matter because they form the foundation for building a worthwhile small business.

See, despite what you may believe, business isn't about making money...at least, not at first.

Heresy? Crazy-talk? Nope. It's the cold truth.

This myth about business + money (and many others) is precisely the reason why soooo many businesses fail. If I asked you why you want to start a business, and your answer was, "To make lots of money!"...

...I'd say you're DOOMED.

I know...this is heavy stuff! It's totally contrary to common belief. And, I'm not trying to crush any dreams here. I'm tryin' ta help ya build 'em!

This is all about getting sorted out. I'm giving you the straight truth...no promises of making bazillions...no sugary platitudes...no warm and fuzzy fee-fees.

Instead, it all starts with figuring out how you can solve other people's problems doing things that you're both good at and that you enjoy. Again, that's the foundation.

It's a huge perspective change that really, nobody talks about.

This forms the basis for what I call The Fulfillment Equation. And really, it's too much to detail out in a short email. This is why I put everything together into Ten Simple Building Blocks.

Cuz one thing's for sure: After all this pandemic stuff is over...things WILL return to normal. We'll all be back to work soon...back to the grind, back to the rat race, the office. The slog.

Back in a job that maybe isn't a very good fit for you.

So right now...stuck inside in an ongoing Groundhog Day...

...maybe it's a perfect time to do some serious thinking.

Maybe now's the time to plan a killer business. To figure some stuff out. To plot an escape route before the merry-go-round starts up again.

Now's your chance.

Stay healthy and safe.

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Geoff Blake, Ten Ton Online

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