7 BIGGEST WordPress Misconceptions – Myths Debunked!

There are some big, common misconceptions about WordPress that hang people up sometimes. Here, we'll dispel seven of the biggest misconceptions and get you moving on the right track.

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Here's the first one: That WordPress is just for blogging. Way back in the early 2000's when WordPress was first released, it was intended for blogs.

But it very rapidly evolved into a very powerful, fully customizable web design platform capable of handling anything from simple one-page sites to membership sites to online stores filled with hundreds of products. So no, WordPress is not just for blogging anymore.

Here's another common WordPress myth: That WordPress isn't extendable or customizable. Lots of people think that WordPress is limited or restrictive -- that it can only be used to build certain kinds of websites. Truthfully, WordPress is incredibly powerful, flexible, and extendable.

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That's what makes it such a popular choice among web designers and online business owners. With the addition of plugins, you can add all sorts of functionality and behaviour to your website. And with easy to install themes, you can control the layout and design of your website.

So in fact, WordPress is very extendable and customizable. Next, some people think that WordPress is only suited to beginners. But in fact, WordPress is perfect both for those who are new to the world of web design and for highly experienced pros.

For daily use, WordPress provides an easy to use point-and-click dashboard that resides in the "back end" of your website. And for more advanced users, WordPress makes it possible to dig into all the background code that drives the website's look, functionality, and behaviour.

In this way, WordPress is totally customizable. So whether you're brand new to all this stuff or if you have much more advanced skills, WordPress is a great choice.

If you're counting, we're on to Misconception #4...and this one says that WordPress is too complicated. And oftentimes, this is because WordPress is unlike anything Adobe, or Microsoft, or any other traditional software company has done. It doesn't feel like Dreamweaver or other traditional web design software...

...and it doesn't function the same way either. But that doesn't mean that it's overly complex or difficult to use. Just like anything else, it just takes a little bit of time to get used to...and the good thing with WordPress is that the learning curve isn't very steep.

Next, another big misconception is that WordPress isn't secure. Have you heard this one before? But, website security can be a complex topic...like, what are we ACTUALLY talking about? Are we talking about backing up your site?

Are we talking about your site going down because of too much traffic? Or are we talking about protecting your site from hackers and viruses? ...or maybe all of the above? In truth, no website (not even corporate or government websites) are 100% secure -- we hear stories of sites getting hacked all the time, right?

But as website owners and online business owners, we can take some simple steps to minimize our risk...easy stuff that 90% of website owners don't bother with...which is why they're easily targeted by hackers and other internet baddies.

So really, it isn't that WordPress itself isn't secure...it's more often website owners being lazy and not protecting themselves properly online.

Only two more to go -- here's Misconception #6, which is, because WordPress is free...then it must be low quality. Well this is definitely not the case with WordPress.

While WordPress is completely free for you and I and anyone else to use, customize, and build upon, this is because WordPress is an open source, community-based project -- so no one owns WordPress; the community does. This is the spirit of what open source is all about.

And some of the largest brands in the world rely on WordPress, including Adobe, The New York Times, CNN, Beyonce, and many, many more. So in the case of WordPress, free doesn't equal low quality...it equals powerful!

Okay my friend, this brings us to our final misconception: That WordPress is Not well suited for large high traffic sites. I really hope by now you know that this misconception is exactly that -- a misconception; a myth.

We know WordPress is powerful. We know WordPress is easy to use. And, we know that some of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web are built using it. You already have some examples of this, right? CNN, Wired, TechCrunch, and many others...and if WordPress is able to handle these sorts of massive, highly trafficked websites...

...then it's gonna be just fine for you and I.

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