5 Gifts (Life’s Greatest Blessings In Disguise)

Here's something really interesting...in fact, five really interesting somethings! I call these The Five Gifts...

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1) The gift of boredom: A while ago I was reading about author Neil Gaiman's top productivity secret: Apparently, in order to get himself to finally get himself to sit down and write, he rents a cabin or cottage where there's nothing to do. After a few days he starts going kinda stir-crazy and finally, out of sheer boredom, he sits down to write as a way to entertain himself and pass the time. After all, there's nothing better to do. In silence and isolation, without distraction, we can get so much done. In this vein, in my house we've implemented what I call Screen Free Sundays. No phones, no computers, no internet or video games. Suddenly we're drawing together, going for hikes, reading, playing games, and other activities.

2) The gift of hardship and adversity: Hardship and adversity can be very difficult when we're going through them...but wouldn't you agree that we're usually better for it? Hardship can be transformative. It gives us new perspectives, appreciation, and understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us. And a commonality we all share is that everyone is suffering and going through something painful. This is the universal human condition. It's like life is trying to teach us something and trying to help us become better people. Knowing this can make getting through hard times a little bit easier.

3) The gift of selflessness: Another gift in life is giving yourself to a cause or a mission that's bigger than yourself. This could be giving yourself to your family, your community, or something you feel strongly about. Here, you put your wants aside, and even if you're unsure...even if you're constantly questioning yourself...you follow through anyway because the greater good is more important than temporarily feeling uncomfortable in the moment.

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4) The gift of frustration: Frustration is a beautiful, powerful gift. I know in the oment frustration is difficult and even enraging...but ti becomes a powerful force to move us forward if we transform it into a drive and determination to resolve our problems once and for all. And if you're feeling frustrated about something right now, all that means is that things didn't go the way you expected them to or you didn't get what you wanted. But take heart: The answers you seek ARE out there. They are discoverable. You just haven't found them yet.

5) The last gift is the gift of fear. Fear is another powerful, motivating gift. Fear drives us away from the things we don't want and towards the things we do want. And I don't just mean running away from sabre toothed tigers and running towards the saftey of our tree fort. Really what I mean is moving away from pain and discomfort and towards comfort. For many people, starting and running a business (as an example) is very painful and uncomfortable. And it can be. But for many others, NOT starting and building a secondary income for themselves, or even something they can build into a full time thing, is even more painful.

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