3 Types Of Emails You’ll Send To Customers

There are a lot of big misunderstandings about email marketing and how it all works. When they think of email marketing, most people think of the sorts of emails they get sent from chain stores -- you know, promotional emails and things like this. And this is actually email done wrong.

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In other words, businesses that ONLY send promotional emails are neglecting their audience of subscribers and overlooking the power that email offers. There are, in fact, two other types of emails you should be sending on a regular basis to your list -- promotional emails is one of them...

...this could be an email that announces a sale or a special offer, or any other kind of promotion you might run -- that's the first kind of email you'll send. The second kind of email you should be sending is straight informational emails. These don't promote or offer anything.

Instead, these sorts of emails are all about providing value and helping your audience with the challenges and issues they might be facing. Or it could be to educate and teach them something. Whichever way you decide to do it, these kinds of emails are all about providing value and helpful info for your audience.

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Now you might be sitting there wondering, "Why would I give away free content? Why would I try to teach my audience anything?" It's because you want to establish something incredibly critical with your audience: Trust.

You want to establish that you're trustworthy, that you're credible and honest, and that you can help your audience of email subscribers get whatever result they're after. If you're ONLY sending promotional emails...that's like someone repeatedly asking you...

"Wanna buy now? Wanna buy now? How about now?" We'd quickly get fed up and leave, wouldn't we? Well your email subscribers are no different. They didn't sign up with the hopes that you'd bash them over the head with sales message after sales message.

No, they signed up because they need your help! And if you can demonstrate your skill, expertise, and knowledge, then that creates trust. And trust is a critical pre-requisite to them buying. So, the vast majority of the emails you send should be informative. Then every once in a while, send a promotional email.

The third type of email you'll send is what you could call an "auto-responder." This is an email that gets sent after your subscriber takes some kind of action...

...they sign up for your newsletter, they opt-in for your free report, they make a purchase, or they take you up on your offer for a free quote. So, these are emails that are automatically sent by your online business's email service.

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