3 Simple Steps To Build Your Website From SCRATCH!

Sometimes tryin' to get your business website rollin' feels like getting pelted with a barrage of baked goods and potential lunch options. Y'know, it can feel like getting caught in a torrential downpour of chicken tendies...sliced bologna sausages...and maple pancakes. That's because the entire process has been made into this insane, overly complex downpour of nutty-ness. We've gotta get some clarity and simple steps...and that's exactly what you and I are gonna do!

Show Notes

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Geoff Blake, Ten Ton Online

Hey there, I’m Geoff! Business, marketing, and the web can seem like a tangled, confusing mess, right? Well if you wanna get clear, straight info on all this stuff (no gimmicks or hypey nonsense)...then you're definitely in the right spot! Start here (free!)