3 Online Marketing Myths Most Believe

There are quite a few myths in online marketing. Here, we're gonna blow three big ones apart.

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Myth #1: A large following on social media is important. This first myth says that you need to have a large following on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and others...that having a large following on these and other social media platforms is crucial to your online success.

Well guess what? It isn't important at all! Here's why: Most people misunderstand what social media platforms are. They certainly aren't a stable environment to build your online business on. Instead, they're more like venues that you get to show up and share your work on.

Even big social media accounts with huge numbers of followers still struggle to make revenue. Very often, big accounts try to monetize by selling merch. Look, I'm not bashing anyone but it's like...that's the BEST way you can think of to monetize? Surely there has to be more creative ways...

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It's kinda like, Step 1) Build huge following on social, Step 2) ???, Step 3) Profit!

A big following on social is great...so long as there's a plan in place to have it support your online business goals and objectives.

Myth #2: The second online marketing myth says that email is long dead and gone. And guess what? It isn't! Email is an incredibly powerful and direct method for communicating with your audience and your customers.

Here's what email is: It's a direct, personal message, from you to your audience member, that gets dropped into one of the most protected and private places -- their inbox!

But because there's such a degree of intimacy, us online business owners have to be careful and respectful. Don't spam, don't hard sell. People who've voluntarily signed up for your email list did so because you promised to help them get closer to their goals...

So help them, teach, give them value...and that gives you the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship.

Myth #3: A third myth says that SEO -- that is, Search Engine Optimization -- is dead. And of course, like our other myths, this is completely false. In fact, SEO is very much alive and well.

Think of it this way: Who's the number one search engine on the planet? You and I both know who it is without even having to saying it.

This tech colossal has a huge number of products, services, and businesses, right? Gmail, Adwords, Analytics, YouTube (the second-largest search engine!) and on and on and on.

But what's their #1 purpose? What's their #1 business? Search. Now let me ask you, do they look like they're floundering to you? Do they look like they're on the brink of bankruptcy?

SEO certainly is NOT dead. In fact, it's getting better and better. And as an online business owner, you can leverage SEO, you can structure your web pages, product pages, articles, and blog posts in a specific way so that they show up in search results for the exact sorts of people you want to serve.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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