3 Most Valuable Things In Life (Your Most Prized Assets!)

You, me, and everyone else has three very valuable and rare assets. Let's dig in, explore, and see what these are all about.

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The first one to recognize is Time. Time is the great equalizer, since no one has more than 24 hours of it in a day. Some have much more time on this earth than others -- that's just the way life is.

But one thing's undeniable: There's a fuse burning in all our lives, and no one knows how much time's left. Further, we have choice -- we can choose to fill our time with sports or social media or Game Of Thrones...or doing work that matters to us and to others.

The next asset we have is our energy. Energy's interesting. Most people think it's linear -- that they can grind for 20 hours straight. Maybe we can do this in short sprints...but going this hard for this long is unsustainable.

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I used to know a guy who praised himself on getting by on just 4 hours of sleep each night...but his health was garbage. You can't keep that pace up long term. Maybe for a few nights, but diminishing returns set in fast and your head gets foggy and you can't think.

It took me about a decade to figure out that energy is cyclical, not linear...That is, that if it's sheer brute productivity you want, that it's far, far better to get a good night's sleep and come back fully charged in the morning.

When fully charged, you can easily run laps around yourself when you're foggy and unclear. Also related to energy is, there are ways to create more of it. This is something else that took me a long, long time to figure out.

Exercise and a clean diet keep you sharper and more productive for longer periods of time.
This is like a superpower that many people simply don't know about. Or worse, they know about it, but have never applied it. Health can't be replaced. And of course it's tied to the fuse that we all have burning. Poor health speeds up the burn. Clean health can slow it down.

Another asset we all have are our relationships. Good relationships add immeasurable value to our lives. Offer me all the money in the world in exchange for my closest relationships, and turning you down will be an easy choice. Life is quite empty without relationships...business, personal, and family.

But, it's important to know that relationships are mutually beneficial. I've been in plenty of one-sided, toxic relationships where the other person gets everything at your expense. It took me decades to realize that negative people, toxic people, harmful people simply aren't allowed in my life. And this includes family.

Accident of birth doesn't give anyone a free pass to treat you terribly, no matter how much guilt or shame they heap on you. There are plenty of great, likeminded people out there. So go find 'em! They enrich your life, support you in where you want to go, and you can help them.

In the world of business, it's all about relationships. Who do you know, who can you help, and who can help you? The misunderstanding a lot of people who've never started a business before have is, they think business is all about greed. Instead, it's really about service and helping people.

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