3 Key Essentials For Your Small Business Website

When you're setting up a small business website, there's a lot to keep track of. But missing these three key website elements may result poor customer experience and even lost sales. So, by the time we reach the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a clear understanding of three key, critical elements that your online business website has gotta have.

Discover the three key, critical elements you'll need for your small business website.

Okay, let's dig into these three critical business website components...

Provide Business Contact Information

The first item that's critical for you to include on your small business website is contact information. This seems like it should almost go without saying, but it's surprising how many businesses don't include any kind of contact info on their website. I mean, would you buy something off a website where you couldn't get in touch with the business?

You must provide a way for prospects to contact you. This could be as simple as including your email address that, when clicked, launches the prospect's email application. Or it could be a contact form where the visitor fills in their name, email address, and a message to submit.

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Whether you're running a full online store with hundreds or even thousands of products, or whether you're running a small local bakery or barber shop, every small and medium sized business website needs to display their contact information clearly.

If you really want to go far, you could include a live chat feature on your website. But for most small and medium-sized websites, this might be kinda overkill.

Give Visitors A Way To Keep Updated Via Email

Okay now, the next critical item you've gotta include on your website is a way for visitors to sign up for your mailing list. Simply providing a sign-up form on your website's sidebar or footer is all you need. If people are interested in what you're doing, they'll sign up.

And once they sign up, this is your opportunity to wow them and provide them with some value. Teach them something useful that relates to what you do, demonstrate to them that you can help solve their problems. Give them a free report, a free video, an ebook, or some other valuable piece of content. No matter what kind of business you're running, you can come up with something that you can provide for potential customers for free. And when they're ready, they just might buy.

Now I don't want to get into a whole debate about the value of email versus social media, but from personal experience, and everything I've read and researched on the subject, actually owning a list of potential customers is vastly more valuable to your business than having mere partially engaged followers on social media. As far as how to run your own mailing list for your business, that's a whole other subject that we should perhaps save for another day.

Meanwhile, on to our third and final item...

Your Site Must Work On Mobile Devices

Last but not least, your site has gotta work on a variety of devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. More and more people are surfing the web and shopping directly on their smartphones than ever before. Think about it this way: people's phones have replaced their televisions. I mean, look around you...everywhere you go, people's faces are glued to their phones. If your website doesn't function well on mobile, then you're missing out.

This is called "responsive design," by the way. What that means is, the design and layout of your website responds to the device and the size of the screen that's being used to view it.

With responsive design, imagine your website is fluid, like jello. It needs to conform to whatever container, or in our case mobile device, you put it into.

Are there any other must-haves that you can think of that a small business website has gotta have at a minimum? What are some things YOU think your website has gotta have? Jot down a list of your own, and then make sure to include them in your website once we start building it.

In Conclusion

Okay so there we go, there are three key essentials that you've gotta include for your small business website. Would you like a recap? Number one, we had providing contact information for your business. Number two was including a way for your visitors to add themselves to your mailing list—and now you can talk to them directly via email. And third, we had responsive design, or making sure your website works and functions well on mobile and desktop devices.

So as you begin building your business website, make sure to include these three key, critical components. Remember, it's all about serving your customer and helping them. So make it easy for them to contact you, make it simple to sign up for your email list or newsletter, and make sure your site works well on their mobile devices.

Simple stuff, but you'd be surprised how often these basics are overlooked.

Hope you enjoyed—see ya next time!

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