3 BIG Reasons To Love Business (Untold Truths!)

There are tons of reasons to absolutely love business. Here, we'll delve into three big reasons to love business. Let's dig into it!

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1) Business is modern-day hunting. Sure, lots of people still hunt...but with modern conveniences, it isn't necessary for our survival, right? Still, lots of people love it. But when it comes to business, there's something primal about it...you eat only what you can kill. And you can only hunt and kill if you're very skilled. If you fail to hunt and kill, your tribe suffers and goes hungry. The more skilled and successful you are, the more your tribe and your greater community prospers. So again, there's something primal and visceral about business.

it's gritty and dirty. it brings you into direct, immediate contact with reality -- with the cold, harsh, dark real world. There's no labor union to hide inside. There's no protection of a job. There's no corner office to seek shelter in.

And instead of spears and arrows, we use various methods of marketing. Instead of prey to kill, it's the audience and the sorts of people we seek to serve, help, and protect. Out here, where you're in direct contact with reality, you live and die by sales.

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2) Business is forced altruism. A sale is a voluntary transaction between two consenting adults. You won't make a sale until you put your needs aside and put your customer's needs first. You're asking your prospective customer to part with something VERY important to them...their money. This is a very intimate exchange. They're trusting you. You're making them a promise...so don't take any of this lightly. And further, this transaction can only occur if you offer the market something it wants. How do you know what the market truly wants? That's what market research is all about. And this entire process of researching, uncovering painful problems, and then developing and offering solutions makes communities, countries, and even the entire world a better, safer, more comfortable and prosperous place with less suffering. Forced altruism, not getting rich, is the true purpose of business. Making lots of money (if that's what you want) is just a side benefit.

3) Third reason to love business is because you get to live every day by your beliefs, values, and convictions. It's about having the courage and the guts to actually DO as you think and say. Plenty of people say all sorts of things about how they think the world should be. But talk is cheap, isn't it? Entrepreneurs -- REAL, genuine small business owners -- aren't just talkers. They're doers, innovators, and action-takers. Rather than demand that other people and the world around them should change...they develop innovations and solutions to make things better. Entrepreneurs love the challenge of figuring it all out. They believe in small business, truly free markets, in honestly and genuinely helping their customers, and in philanthropy and in giving back to their communities. In fact, they live it and breath it every day.

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