2 Rarest Elements In Business…And How To Grab ‘Em!

What do you think the rarest, most valuable things are in our economy? Money? Time? Status? I'd say the two most valuable things...the most scarce resources in our economy are...

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Attention and Trust.

With so many distractions, with smartphones and social media and 27/7 "always on" internet access, getting people's Attention is incredibly tough.

Have you ever found yourself reading an article or watching a video...and when your interest starts to wane you start wondering about more engaging content you might be missing out on right now? Attracting and holding attention is incredibly rare and valuable.

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The other rare resource is Trust. That is, having other people trust you and your business online. Oftentimes we hear that before customers buy from us, they must first know, like, and trust us.

While I think there's a lot of truth in that,..I'd say out of the three, Trust is the most important.

Do you have to Know someone to buy from them? It's nice to know who we're buying from...it makes us feel more comfortable...but it isn't a requirement. How well do you know the cashier at the grocery store? How well do you know your utility company?

Do you need to Like someone to buy from them? Again, it's nice to do business with people we like...if given a choice, we buy from people we like.

But we've all been in a situation where we have a serious problem on our hands, and we need a quick fix. We don't care who's providing that fix...even if they're a jerk to us, we don't care.

But before we buy, what we MUST have is Trust. We have to trust that the person we're buying from is telling the truth...that the promises that their product or service is making will work for us.

Nobody likes being ripped off or swindled -- and we all have been, right? -- it fills us with anger and frustration at the betrayal...because a promise was broken.

What's critically important to understand in business is that when someone buys from us, what they're really saying is, "I trust you." And what they're handing us in exchange for that promise isn't just money...it's their security.

That's what money is...people's future security. So it's a pretty big deal when someone buys from you...and it means us business owners have a huge responsibility to make sure that we deliver 110%.

That's why Trust is so important and so rare. Now to finish up, know that advertising can buy temporary attention...but no amount of money can ever buy Trust. And once trust is broken, it can never be restored.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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