2 Critical Parts To MASTERING Online Business

You know, knowledge by itself is not enough. Not by a long shot. You could read and learn everything you'd need to know about how to build a successful online business. You could learn in-depth all about how to attract an audience online. And guess what?

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None of it would make a difference without the second crucial component: ACTUALLY applying it to your business and your life and moving forward with it!

So really, there are two parts: Learning about something...how it works, how it functions, how the pieces fit together, etc. This is mental or intellectual work. And it feels good because it feels like we're making progress.

How many times have we excitedly bought a book, brought it home...and we feel so good about it, "at last, I own and possess everything I need to know!" And yet, how often do these books remain unopened on our nightstand, on the end table, or wind up on the bookshelf?

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But it FEELS good to buy and possess the knowledge, doesn't it? But it's not enough to simply own the knowledge. And it isn't even enough to consume the knowledge.

Nothing will change until we APPLY that knowledge and put it to work in pursuit of the things we want...for ourselves, for our families, for our business, our customers, and our communities.

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