Discover the simple steps that anyone can learn to build and grow their business online...

"After having a bad experience with a web designer I got lucky and found Geoff’s videos. They’re so well done — simple, clear, not too fast, not too slow. After watching them I fired my web designer and got hard at work on my own projects, saving tons of money. I can’t say enough good things about Geoff and his courses!"


Small business building blocks

Use these 3 building blocks to get yourself on the right track!

Magnify Your Message

It's easier than ever to reach across the world to your audience. But believing it's all about driving traffic is a big mistake. Instead, what if your audience rabidly chased you? Come see how...

Graphics & Branding

Having a great looking brand is important for establishing professionalism and trust. But if you aren't a professional designer, how can you get started? Come and see just how fun and easy it can be...

Pro Web Skills & Tools

Imagine being in full control of your business online. No more expensive freelancers! But it seems technical and confusing. What's needed are clear, step-by-step instructions. Come see more...

"Your videos supercharged my ability to customize WordPress for my clients who are extremely happy with the results. In fact, I am now turning down client requests because my work is in huge demand, all as a result of watching your videos which made it so easy to learn what I needed to know to take my clients’ sites — and therefore my business — to the next level of success."