"After having a bad experience with a web designer I got lucky and found Geoff’s videos. They’re so well done — simple, clear, not too fast, not too slow. After watching them I fired my web designer and got hard at work on my own projects, saving tons of money. I can’t say enough good things about Geoff and his courses!"

Online Business Building Blocks by Geoff Blake

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Online Business Workshop

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Business Website Masterclass

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Audience Attraction Bootcamp

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Full-Speed Online Sales Seminar

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"Your videos supercharged my ability to customize WordPress for my clients who are extremely happy with the results. In fact, I am now turning down client requests because my work is in huge demand, all as a result of watching your videos which made it so easy to learn what I needed to know to take my clients’ sites — and therefore my business — to the next level of success."

Online Business Jumpstart by Geoff Blake

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Grow Your Online Business – 3 Big Actions You Can Take Today!

What do you think would help grow your business? Business cards? A sweet-looking logo? New office furniture? Getting onto the hottest new social media platform? Unfortunately, none of these things... (more...)

5 Types Of Business Websites You Can Build

Did you know that there are just five different kinds of websites you can build for your online business? In this video, I’ll walk you through each, and help you determine which one’s best for your business. You’ll also learn about the different... (more...)

3 Questions To Help Determine Your Business’s Target Audience

A big question for new entrepreneurs and those interested in starting their own online business is, how do you decide on your target audience? How do you determine what specific group of people... (more...)

Web Design Tools, Services And Resources For Business Owners, Creative-Types, and Self-Marketers

If you're a business owner, self-marketer, or creative-type who wants complete autonomy—to be able to build, maintain, and control your website yourself, then... (more...)

Business Idea Case Study (Mini-Hands-On!)

This is going to be a slightly different video. This is going to be a bit more of a "hands-on exercise," if you will. I'm going to read to you a post I came across in a small business forum. Here, the poster is sharing their idea for their small... (more...)

Email Marketing vs Blogging – Which One’s Best?

Is email marketing dead? What about blogging -- that's long dead and gone too, isn't it? Hasn't the power and influence of massive social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others totally overshadowed email... (more...)

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