Why You Should Use WordPress For Web Design

In this first video in our three video series, I show you why using WordPress to build any kind of website, much more than just blogs, is an ideal choice. It’s even better and easier to use than an application like Dreamweaver. Let’s dig into it!

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  • Mathijs Pluijmen

    That was very informative, it gave me a first look into WordPress. It really did clear up a few things.
    It seems easy indeed, but I think it needs lots of training and experimenting and what not, or at least that’s what I start to think.

    I understood that the difference between a WordPress.com and a wordpress.org is that the com version is free and the org version not. So, I guess it does make sense to start with the free version first, learn from there and then I could always switch to a paid version?

    Thanks for the video, nice! I’m looking forward to the other 2 videos.

  • Would love to know what you think of Wix.com….I build all of my sites in Wix but am trying to see why WordPress is better…

    • Hi Susan, Actually I’ve never checked out wix before so unfortunately I can’t really comment much on it. Does it allow you to export your sites at all, or are you locked into their platform? -G

  • Joseph Bogo

    Thanks for getting back to me, Geoff. I did watch the one video a couple times but it departed a bit from the process I saw.. In any case, I have been able to pretty much build the website, using your tips,except for lots of finishing touches (affiliate links, etc.) One big problem is that the Theme I have been using is totally invisible, despite the fact it is listed as the Theme I am working on. I uploaded, removed and reloaded WordPress several times, and every time, the same thing happened. A white page, no Theme. Can you give me some advice on how to make the Theme visible? My website, at present, looks like this: http://www.hometownboy.net Thanks. Joe Bogo

    • Joseph Bogo

      By the way, I became so discouraged that I also started to build my site using a site builder on GreenGeeks, it may have been RVBuilder or something like that. I found it less satisfactory than WordPress with a white page, so I reverted to WordPress again. But I sure would like to know why my Template/Theme is not visible!

      • Hi Joe, Sorry for my delay in responding. Let’s take this conversation over to email. I have a few ideas as to what’s going on with your theme. Can you email me at ‘geoff “at” tentononline.com’? We’ll get it sorted out from there. Thanks! -G