How To Build Websites (Not A Blog) With WordPress

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“I just want to tell you that I LOVE your courses! I love the step-by-step instructions that you give. It makes it so easy to follow along. Thank you for making learning so much fun! I plan on taking more of your courses soon.”


Customize WordPress template files!

Learn how to customize your WordPress theme’s template files to precisely control the look and behaviour of your site!

Master child themes!

Use child themes, along with browser developer tools, to build and customize your site!

Learn to build beautiful web layouts!

Discover modern tools and methods for bringing your web projects to life!

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Who is this course for?

Those wanting a solid understanding of web design, including…

  • People who want to become full or part-time web designers.
  • Print designers who want to expand their skills into web design.
  • Employees who want to add to their skills, advance their careers, and become more marketable.
  • Small business owners who want complete control over their website.
  • Those who’ve been out of web design for a while, who feel out of touch, but who want to get back into the swing of things.
  • Artists, writers, photographers, and other creative-types wanting to build a site to showcase their work.
  • Those wanting to save the cost and headache of hiring an expensive web designer.
  • Non-profits, churches, and fundraising organizations.
  • People with ideas for side-projects, small businesses, and creative online ventures.
  • Hobbyists and those interested in doing web design on the side.

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Course description

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform. But WordPress’s power can handle much more than just simple blogs — personal sites, e-commerce stores, portfolio sites, and business websites and more can all be run with WordPress. In this course, hosted by award-winning trainer Geoff Blake, you’ll learn how easy it is to set up a traditional, static, website using WordPress. First, you’ll set up your site so that it hides any traces of being hosted by WordPress, including selecting a theme, setting up and customizing your site’s sidebar, and controlling your site’s footer. Then, you’ll see how to shift your site’s focus from posts to static pages, including how to set up custom PHP template files, setting up conditional code, and how to set up additional pages. You’ll also see how to re-establish a blog into your site, before finally being taken through the step-by-step process of building a sample static WordPress site. You’ll learn all this and more, so let’s get started!

Course prerequisites

It’s a good idea to be familiar with the following before enrolling in this course:

Sound like a good fit? Then let’s get started! If not, then let’s find the right course for you.

“These lessons are incredible. I built a fantastic WordPress site from scratch for my business. I saved thousands of dollars by doing it myself and guess what? It was easy!! Thanks to Geoff and his great teaching, I learned everything I needed to build my site. He made complex mysteries (at least they were mysteries to me) easy to grasp. I honestly think I could never have done it without this course. I highly recommend this to everyone.”


Let a friend show you how

Hey, I’m Geoff. I help graphic designers, small business owners, and creative people just like you learn about web design, develop valuable, in-demand skills, launch online businesses and creative projects…and yeah, make more money! Learn more about me here.

Learning how to build websites is no different than figuring out perspective drawing, how to weave literary prose, or how to combine chords to make beautiful music. It’s like cooking or woodworking or learning how to fix your car…But for whatever reason, web design’s made out to be highly technical and overly complicated. Let’s change that.

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Enroll in this course
  • Project files included!
  • No recurring monthly fees!
  • Unlimited lifetime access!

How does it work?

Watch these sample lessons

Get a feel for the casual, hands-on approach that your training takes, and have some fun along the way!

Previewing Your Site On Mobile Devices

While building your custom WordPress themes, it’s important to preview your work, especially on mobile devices.

Using Chrome Developer Tools For Theme Diagnosis

See how you can dissect and diagnose your web layouts using Chrome’s built-in Developer Tools.

A Look At What We’ll Build

Have a look at the layout we’ll build together in this couse, all by hand, all from scratch!

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People just like you are building dream web projects every day. A few would love to tell you how Ten Ton helped them get there.

“With Geoff’s excellent training, I graduated at the top of my 3-year college program in just 2 years.”

Ian’s story

“I fired my web designer and saved tons of money, thanks to Geoff’s videos.”

Bridgette’s story

“It’s because of Geoff that I can now call myself a web designer and can get paid for it.”

Patrick’s story

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Enroll in this course
  • Project files included!
  • No recurring monthly fees!
  • Unlimited lifetime access!

How does it work?

Course outline

Here’s a complete outline of all of the topics covered in this course


  1. Welcome
  2. A Look At What We'll Build

Chapter 1: Using WordPress To Build Static Websites

  1. Why Use WordPress To Build Static Sites?
  2. Static Sites Versus Blogs
  3. Setting Up WordPress Hosting
  4. A Quick Note About Setup
  5. Adding Dummy Content To An Empty WordPress Site
  6. Understanding The WordPress Template Hierarchy

Chapter 2: Installing A New Non-Bloggy Theme

  1. Options For Non-Bloggy Themes
  2. Installing And Previewing A New Theme
  3. Previewing Your Site On Mobile Devices (Free Lesson!)

Chapter 3: Customizing The Sidebar & Footer

  1. Changing The Site Title And Sub-Title
  2. Cleaning Up The Sidebar
  3. Controlling What Pages Appear In The Sidebar
  4. Creating A Sidebar Call-To-Action
  5. Editing Theme Template Files
  6. Removing The Sidebar Completely
  7. Controlling Where The Sidebar Appears Throughout The Site
  8. Creating A Custom Template File To Control Sidebar Appearance
  9. Cleaning Up The Footer
  10. Adding A Sidebar To The Footer
  11. Using Chrome Developer Tools For Theme Diagnosis (Free Lesson!)

Chapter 4: Ditching Posts, Moving To Pages

  1. Understanding The Difference Between Pages And Posts
  2. Understanding The Blog Loop
  3. Using Conditional Code For The Home Page
  4. Considerations For A Static Home Page
  5. Setting The Home Page To A Static Page
  6. Setting A Custom Front-Page Template File
  7. Creating Static Sub-Pages
  8. Adding Sub-Pages To The Main Navigation Menu
  9. Controlling Text Formatting In Sub-Pages
  10. Controlling Images In Sub-Pages
  11. Setting Up The Hero Image

Chapter 5: Customizing Your Site With Child Themes

  1. Understanding WordPress Updates
  2. Understanding Child Themes
  3. Setting Up A Child Theme
  4. Using Chrome's Developer Tools To Make Customizations
  5. The Three Ways To Make Customizations
  6. Making Style Changes To An Existing Theme
  7. Overriding The Parent Theme's PHP Template Files

Chapter 6: Building A Static Website From Scratch

  1. A Look At What We'll Build (Free Lesson!)
  2. Getting Set Up
  3. Getting Started On The Header
  4. Integrating Google Fonts For The Layout
  5. Setting Up The Front Page Structure
  6. Inserting The Site’s Main Nav Menu
  7. Formatting The Hero Section
  8. Evenly Spacing Apart Divs Horizontally
  9. Adjusting The FeatureBox Area Formatting
  10. Inserting Circular Images Into The FeatureBoxes
  11. Finalizing The Features Area
  12. Inserting The Bottom Button
  13. Formatting The Footer
  14. Setting Up The Sub-Pages
  15. Minor Sub-Page Adjustments

Chapter 7: Extending Your WordPress Site Further

  1. Creating A Custom Header Menu
  2. Adding A Site Favicon Icon (And Resolving The Dreaded Blank Admin Screen)
  3. Re-Establishing A Blog Within Your Site
  4. Getting Started With Blog Reformatting
  5. Removing The Dummy Theme Unit Test Data

Chapter 8: Wrapping Up

  1. Where to Go From Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

What is Ten Ton?

Hey, I’m Geoff, an award-winning teacher, artist, and designer. Ten Ton Online is my premium online training platform to help graphic designers, small business owners, hobbyists, and other creative rabble-rousers learn about web design. If you want to discover how to build beautiful looking websites, how you can develop valuable, in-demand skills, or how to launch and market online businesses and creative projects, you’re in the right spot! You can view the full list of courses here.

Can I sign up any time?

Yes. All courses are completely self-paced. This means you can enroll now, and start your course whenever you like.

How do I watch the videos?

After enrolling, you’ll be able to stream your course lessons on the web, to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Can I download the video lessons?

To best serve the community, lessons are provided as streaming video only. This is because courses are sometimes updated to provide users with the latest information and content.

How long will I have access to my courses?

All courses come with unlimited, lifetime access. This means you can access your course as often as you’d like, without any limitations.

Are there recurring monthly costs?

Nope. There’s just a single one-time enrollment fee for your course.

Are courses self-paced or scheduled?

Courses are completely self-paced, allowing you to work through lessons at your own speed. You can skip ahead or go back, and otherwise move through your courses as quickly or slowly as you’d like. You can find out more about how it all works right here.

Are project files included?

You bet! Courses come with downloadable project files, allowing you to get the most out of your learning experience. You’re encouraged to follow along, step-by-step, so you can gain real-world, hands-on skills.

What is your refund policy?

All courses come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your course within 30 days of purchase, let us know. We’re here to help.

Where should I start?

Start with my free Foundations In Web Design course. It’ll give you a solid foundation in web design, and help you determine which direction you should head in based on your interests and goals.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

You can contact me right here.

Start right now!


Enroll in this course
  • Project files included!
  • No recurring monthly fees!
  • Unlimited lifetime access!

How does it work?

“Love your WordPress course. I had tried to get through other vendor’s courses, but you made it all make sense! You are an amazing teacher.”

  • Brenda Mault

    Ready to learn something new…thank you!

    • Awesome Brenda! I think you’re gonna love this one :) -Geoff

      • Brenda Mault

        Ty for offering this…i so need to learn Word Press.

  • Pat DePuydt

    Hey Geoff! Long time! I would PAY for a course on a dev environment (like Gulp and VVV) for WordPress development.

    • Pat! This is trippy…your spidey senses musta been tingling because I was JUST thinking about you yesterday. Have time for a chat sometime soon? I’d love to hear more about your course ideas. -Geoff

  • Brenda Mault

    I’ve enjoyed learning and have some of my website live at with what I’ve learned so far.

    • Is that what you’ve built with what you’ve learned from Ten Ton? Great stuff Brenda! -Geoff

  • Hi Geoff, Love your work, but, I gotta be honest with you. So far, the new stuff has a little too much PHP, code and what not. I really only want to learn about WordPress and how to do stuff in it. I haven’t finished the second half of the course, so I’m hoping that WordPress will be covered more in depth and not PHP. Cool man?

    • Tim B

      Sorry Bob, but I have to respectfully disagree.
      There are a lot of really good free info/tutorials on the basics of wordpress out there(youtube), and I for one, have been looking to take things a step further; which is why I purchased this course. After getting frustrated with the limitations of most themes available, learning PHP, and how to work with child themes is really a huge bonus.

      If I add my own two cents, I will say this; I first started building with websites using html, css, js, etc. Making the move to wordpress was initially very frustrating because, compared to hand coded sites, most WP themes try to be a one size fits all for every user.
      One size fits all WP themes are great, but there are so many limitations with that too and you will never get your site to look and function the way you want it right out of the box.

      When I first started to make modifications to a theme, I had hired a developer to do them for me, and he crashed the site and couldnt figure out how to fix it. So I spent many hours digging around, reading, watching tutorials, and fixing it and figuring things out on my own. And in doing so, I really started to learn. As long as my site is backed up, I no longer worry if things crash.

      At this point I want to learn more, and there are already several tasty nuggets in here that I will be putting to use.

      • I understand. Everyone is at a different level. I was just hoping to navigate around WordPress a little more and get a feel for it. I thought the beginning of the course was great. I was never a coder so I wasn’t to thrilled with learning how to code to make some changes. We both know that Geoff is the man. So, I trust him and look forward to any more videos from him.

      • Hi Bob and Tim, Sorry I’m a little late to the party here. As the guy putting the courses together, this is actually a really tough issue, as I’m trying to cater to a few different kinds of people. God’s honest truth: I was halfway through creating the second half of this course, just loving it and in my element, up to my elbows in code…and then it hit me “Duhh…what if someone wants to do all this crazy stuff, but doesn’t want to touch the code?” My biggest challenge as the guy on the other side of your computer screen, is not assuming too much…and that can be really tough.

        While it is possible to exert a certain degree of control and customization over your site without touching code, there are limitations and there are trade-offs, as Tim is eluding to. I think of WordPress as a basic framework, a blueprint. We’re all given the same model of house, but aside from a few things that are rigid and can’t change, we can do whatever we want to make it our own. We can do this in a dizzying array of methods, including with and without touching the code.

        I admit that code can be a royal pain, especially in the beginning. But at the same time, it’s very, very liberating. Imagine having the skills of a home renovator with an unlimited budget — you could do to your house whatever you can dream up. That’s liberating! But I understand too that not everyone wants to learn those skills and would rather do other things. What I try to do in all of my courses that make heavy use of code is to try to reassure the viewer, “this is nutty stuff, but it’s actually not that hard…let me show you, let’s do it together.”

        At the same time Bob, I understand where you’re coming from — you just want your site to look decent, with a degree of customization, and then likely you want to get back to what you’d really rather be doing. I totally get that. We can talk further on this, but if you’re brand new to WordPress, this wouldn’t be the course for you. We can either move you into a better course or help to seek out some different resources, but we can certainly discuss that and help you out there. As for customizing WordPress itself without code…let me ask you (and anyone else following this thread), is that a course you’d like to see? Is that a course I should consider putting together, even though it would mean sacrificing some control and customization?

        I hope this helps. And thanks Tim and Bob for this enlightening discussion!


  • John Pansini

    I’m stuck at 1.3 because it’s been a long time since I posted a blog on my WP acct. I knew I had a WP dvd somewhere, so I dug it out. Guess who teaches it? Geoff Blake! It’s one of your old VTC tutorials. I’m going to have to review this first before I get into this course.

    John Pansini

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  • So sad I missed the sale!! :(

    Question.. is this course going to show how to build from scratch a WP Theme or is it using existing WP Themes to create the website?

    • Hi Shae, Both! The course shows you how to customize existing themes, and then how to use child themes to build a completely custom theme from scratch…from blank canvas to finished layout! -Geoff

      • rolling1

        Hey Geoff I just watched your How to build a website not a blog…great. But I can’t find the “free” tenton download! Is it available free?

  • Morgan

    Hi Geoff! Really enjoying the course! I’ve run into a slight, and interesting, snag in Chapter 6.7, however, that maybe you can help with. On creating the “Get Started!” button, I discovered an annoying purple line under the text. The line is even there with the naked version. I did everything I could to make sure that our codes lined up, and they did. I use Firefox, by the way, and not Chrome, but have been looking at the page in Chrome sometimes to use those developer tools you speak about. I decided to use just those tools to diagnose the problem, and then realized that in Chrome, that line isn’t there!… only in Firefox. Really strange! I went back to Firefox, and found they have a similar set of developer tools, and checked out the code again. I noticed in the line: from the front-page.php file the actual hash-mark is underscored in the window that shows the code. Don’t know if this means anything or not. Anyway, It would be good to understand if there is a solution, because not everyone (including me) uses Chrome, and would like to know that sites look as they should on different platforms. Will be interested to hear your reply. And thanks again for the course!

  • Time2Relax

    While a complete newbie to WordPress I’m aware that different flavours have surfaced over the years. The current one managed by my hosting supplier is 4.7. While I wouldn’t expect complete compliance with the latest versions of WordPress, does the basic user navigation around WordPress’s dashboard etc remain basically the same?
    So – are the ‘step by step’ guidlines within your course (which I applaud) roughly compliant with new versions of WordPress – to the extent that a newbie pupil should not be too confused?

Previewing Your Site On Mobile Devices (Free Lesson!)

Using Chrome Developer Tools For Theme Diagnosis (Free Lesson!)

A Look At What We'll Build (Free Lesson!)