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Three Ways To Make Your WordPress Site Your Own

I hope you’ve been enjoying these WordPress videos so far. In the first video you learned about why WordPress is such a great platform to build any kind of website with. In the second video, you saw some amazing examples of live, real-world websites that were built using WordPress. In this third video, you’ll learn about the three primary ways that you can edit and customize WordPress themes. Let’s see what it’s all about! (more…)

Get Inspired With These WordPress Website Examples

In our second video in this three video series, we’ll take a look at some amazing examples of websites that have been built using WordPress. You’ll see all kinds of different types of websites, from small sites, to small business websites, to fully integrated e-commerce online stores. (more…)

Why You Should Use WordPress For Web Design

In this first video in our three video series, I show you why using WordPress to build any kind of website, much more than just blogs, is an ideal choice. It’s even better and easier to use than an application like Dreamweaver. Let’s dig into it! (more…)

Dreamweaver vs. WordPress: Which Should You Use?

Which One, Dreamweaver Or WordPress?

Often, I get asked which approach people should take, Dreamweave or WordPress. That’s a really good question, especially for someone just starting out, who’s not sure which way to go. (more…)

Create Beautiful, Responsive Websites Without Any Code!

Create Responsive Websites Without Code!

Webflow makes it easy to build beautiful, responsive web layouts without knowing any code

A big, big shift in web design, which you may have heard about, is the move to responsive design—that is, building web layouts that respond to the variety of devices screen sizes being used by visitors. With more and more people accessing the web with iPhones, Android tablets, iPads, and a slew of other devices, web designers and developers are moving more and more towards creating the sorts of layouts that adjust and respond to a variety of devices and screen sizes. (more…)