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Your Questions Answered

The language of the new frontier is web design. It allows us to share our ideas, we can speak with our creative teams, our contractors, and designers. It helps us bring our ideas together. (more…)

How Versus Why

Let’s get clear on why you want to learn web design. Is it because you want to build an online business? Is it because you want to make yourself more marketable? Or maybe you want to help others build websites for their projects. Let’s delve deeper! (more…)

Who Changed The Rules?

Nobody told us that the rules of the game have changed, and most of us are still playing by a set of rules that no longer apply. And of course, we’re all left on our own to figure things out. (more…)

Survival Skills

School didn’t prepare us for the world we all find ourselves in. So, it’s really up to us to help each other learn how to navigate this new frontier we find ourselves in. (more…)

Share Your Ideas

In this short video, I talk about how important it is to learn how to share your ideas — or help others share theirs — in this fast-paced world we find ourselves in. (more…)